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Timezone Handling

Timezone information is used to offset standard UTC time so that the localized time is displayed. Linux supports all of this in userspace and it may be changed on the fly.

uClibc Support

The default uClibc that comes with the precompiled Blackfin toolchain has support for the TZ environment variable enabled. It does not come with support for the /etc/TZ file however. If you want support for that, you will have to recompile uClibc yourself.

TZ Settings

The value of TZ follows strict POSIX behavior. That means the shortcuts you are used to using under say glibc are not supported. Thus settings like EST or America/New_York are actually invalid values.

The exact specification for the TZ value can be found here:

Some people find that a bit hard to digest, so you might want to refer to this page instead:


Like any other environment variable, it must be set in the active environment before the application is executed. You might want to refer to the shell page for setting up default shell environments.