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uClinux for Blackfin Release Checklist

This sheet includes all Blackfin related features and default configurations in the uClinux release package. Include kernel features, applications and uClibc setting. These features must be checked before a code freeze.

Blackfin Related Kernel Features

  1. CPU type (BF531/2/3/4/6/7/, BF561, BF522/4/7, BF544/8/9)
  2. Board type (EZKIT, STAMP, Bluetechnix, PNAV-10, tepla-bf561, HV Sistemas H8606, custom)
    • This can be done by running the MAKEALL script,
      rgetz@imhotep:~/blackfin/trunk/uClinux-dist> ./MAKEALL
      Building boards:
      Before the release can be made - all boards must compile (and available boards boot) in their default state.
  3. Hardware anomaly lists updated and reviewed
  4. Interrupt entry in L1 SRAM
  5. User configurable kernel boot address
  6. Allocate large memory block (>1M bytes)
  7. DMA driver
  8. DMA memory copy driver
  9. External Memory Icache and Dcache (WT/WB) support
  10. L2 SRAM Icache and Dcache (WT/WB) support
  11. L1/L2 instruction and data SRAM Allocator
  12. 3 Blackfin specific system call to allocate/free L1/L2 SRAM
  13. Loadable module into both external memory and L1/L2 SRAM
  14. Application stack checking support and load into L1/L2 SDRAM (ELF binary)
  15. Locate user stack into L1 scratch pad (FLAT only)
  16. Uncached SDRAM Allocator(Up to 1M bytes)
  17. Reserve SDRAM for customer applications via boot arguments
  18. SLAB, SLOB and P2 SDRAM Allocator
  19. Reprogram clocks when kernel boot
  20. Blackfin executable binary support (FLAT, ZFLAT, Shared FLAT, FDPIC Static/Shared ELF)
  21. Power Management support, CPUfreq and Device sleep/resume
  22. Blackfin CFI NOR Flash MTD driver
  23. Blackfin SPI M25 NOR Flash MTD driver(BF537-STAMP, BF518-EZBRD, BF526-EZBRD, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  24. General NAND Flash MTD driver(BF537-STAMP, BF526-EZBRD, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  25. ATMEL AT25DF641 64-Megabit SPI Data Flash driver (BF537-STAMP)
  26. JFFS2 over NOR Flash (except BF518-EZBRD, BF533-EZKIT)
  27. YAFFS over NAND Flash(BF537-STAMP, BF526-EZBRD, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  28. NFS and SMBFS support
  29. Ext2 and ubifs support
  30. Initramfs support
  31. SMC91x/921x network driver(BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP, BF548-EZKIT)
  32. Blackfin network driver with RMII PHY Support
  33. KSZ8893M ethernet switch driver (BF518-EZBRD)
  34. General purpose timer driver
  35. Generic I2C driver over GPIO
  36. I2C driver over TWI device(BF537-STAMP, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  37. Common GPIO resource allocation framework
  38. Common SPI framework driver
  39. SPIDEV driver for ADC AD7476b/AD5443/AD5304
  40. MMC/SD card reader driver over SPI(BF537-STAMP, BF533-STAMP)
  41. ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet MAC driver(BF527-STAMP)
  42. sport emulated spi driver(BF537-STAMP)
  43. General PPI driver (BF537-STAMP, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  44. Camera picture capture driver over PPI (BF533-STAMP)
  45. video for Linux driver for the Micron mt9m001 sensor (BF537-STAMP)
  46. General Sport driver (BF537-STAMP)
  47. SPORT-UART driver (BF537-STAMP)
  48. Serial core UART driver
  49. UART CTS/RTS hardware flow control(BF537-STAMP, BF48-EZKIT)
  50. IRDA driver (BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP, BF548-EZKIT)
  51. Framebuffer Console
  52. Simple GPIO driver for input subsystem(BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  53. otp memory driver (BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  54. I2C Keypad driver (BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  55. I2C ADP5588 QWERTY Keyboard Input device driver (BF537-STAMP)
  56. I2C ADP5520 Multifunction LCD Backlight and Keypad Input Device Driver (BF537-STAMP)
  57. I2C AD5252 and AD5251 Digital Potentiometers chip driver (BF533-STAMP, BF527-EZKIT, BF537-STAMP)
  58. I2C HD44780 based LCD driver (BF533-STAMP, BF527-EZKIT, BF537-STAMP)
  59. Rotary Input device driver (BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  60. ADV7393 video encoder over PPI (BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP)
  61. ADV7183B video decoder support for Blackfin V4L
  62. SHARP LQ035 TFT LCD driver over PPI with Landscape mode enabled(BF537-STAMP)
  63. SHARP LQ043 TFT LCD driver over PPI with Landscape mode enabled(BF548-EZKIT)
  64. T350MCQB TFT LCD driver over PPI(BF527-EZKIT)
  66. AD1836 sound driver over SPORT (BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP)
  67. AD73311L sound driver over SPORT (BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP)
  68. AD73322 sound driver over SPORT (BF537-STAMP)
  69. AD1981b/1980 SOC sound driver over SPORT(BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP, BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  70. SSM2602 SoC Audio driver (BF527-EZKIT)
  71. Net2272 USB device driver (BF537-STAMP)
  72. ISP1362 USB host driver (BF537-STAMP)
  73. ISP1760 USB host driver (BF537-STAMP)
  74. SL811 USB host driver (BF537-STAMP)
  75. Blackfin onchip USB gadget and host driver (BF527-EZKIT, BF548-EZKIT)
  76. Bluetooth over USB (BF537-STAMP)
  77. USB Video Class devices driver
  78. USB Audio Gadget driver (BF548-EZKIT)
  79. CAN bus driver (BF537-STAMP, BF548-STAMP)
  80. AD7142 Joystick driver (BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP)
  81. AD7877 Touchscreen driver (BF533-STAMP, BF537-STAMP, BF548-EZKIT)
  82. AD7879 SPI and I2C Touchscreen driver(BF526-EZBRD)
  83. SDIO driver (BF548-EZKIT, BF518-EZBRD)
  84. libertas wifi over sdio driver(BF548-EZKIT, BF518-EZBRD)
  85. ATAPI driver (BF548-EZKIT)
  86. CF PCMCIA driver(BF537-STAMP)
  87. CF/IDE PATA platform driver(BF537-STAMP)
  88. Display CPLB information
  89. KGDB over UART and Ethernet(UP/SMP)
  90. Early printk
  91. Generate Blackfin MMR tree
  92. Zero pointer check and user pointer check
  93. Real time clock driver for new rtc framework (except BF561-EZKIT)
  94. Watchdog timer driver
  95. oprofiler support
  96. ADEOS real time layer for Linux (except for MPU and SMP)
  97. Memory protection unit (BF537-EZKIT)
  98. SMP kernel(bf561-EZKIT)
  99. Exception trap crash handling
  100. Explicit defered hardware error exception handling
  101. emulated serial driver based on EMUDAT/JTAG port

Libraries for Blackfin

  1. QT 4.5 library
  2. sqlite library, a light weight SQL database
  3. Blackfin DSP library
  4. ncurses library
  5. dmalloc library
  6. speex library
  7. libtool library
  8. readline library
  9. blackfin-gsm library
  10. ALSA library
  11. USB library
  12. Bluetooth-alsa library
  13. z library
  14. png library
  15. jpeg library with Blackfin optimization
  16. OSIP2 library
  17. fadd2 library
  18. flac library
  19. mad library
  20. audio library
  21. touch screen library
  22. SDL library
  23. DirectFB library
  24. g.729 library
  25. tiff library
  26. xml2 library
  27. aio library
  28. gif library
  29. agg library
  30. ogg library
  31. existing_libraries page updated.

Applications and tools for Blackfin

It is not enough to run the application, but it is required to ensure that the documentation is also accurate and up to date

  1. Network App
    • Network Audio Player doc
    • Networked Arbitrary Waveform Generator doc
    • Networked Software Defined Storage Oscilloscope doc
    • CGI based Test Application for the PPI Frame Capture Driver
    • Linphone, with g729 stream compliant
    • https web server pound
    • rsh, rcp and rshd
    • Wireless tools
  2. Graphic and Video App
    • Picture Capture Tool for PPI Camera
    • Microwin with Asia fonts support
    • Mplayer
    • VLC
    • jpeg viewer
    • png viewer
    • SDL examples
    • DirectFB-examples
  3. Debugging and Performance tools
    • netperf, a network performance tool
    • gdbserver
    • lmbench3
    • edn
    • strace
    • oprofiler
    • bonnie++
  4. miscellaneous
    • cpufrequtils
    • Core B Code Loader(BF561) with C/C++ application support
    • yaffs-utils
    • watch dog simple daemon
    • IRDA tool irattach
    • usb utility
    • user-space tools for USB Video Class devices
    • Bluetooth utility
    • ALSA utility
    • mdev daemon to create proper dynamic device inode
    • Bluetooth ALSA utility
    • PPI/FPGA utility and demo Project

Default Configuration


  1. Release version: Update release version in the linux-2.6.x/localversion-adi file
  2. make linux - Build kernel
  3. make lib_only - Build libs
  4. make user_only - Build user apps
  5. make romfs - Build romfs directory
  6. make modules - Build modules
  7. make modules_install - Install modules to romfs directory
  8. make image - Build romfs FS image and combine kernel and FS into final image as required
  9. make bugreport - Generate a building error information into a log file