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2012R2 Release Notes for Blackfin buildroot Distribution

Version: 2012R2

Date: Jan. 05, 2013

This release is based on buildroot distribution 2012.08 release and kernel v3.5.7. This release supports both BF60x family and BF5xx family chips from ADI. The uClinux distribution for BF5xx is deprecated since 2012R2.

Development Environments

Tool Chain: toolchain release 2012R2-RC2 based on GCC 4.3

u-boot: uboot release 2012R3-RC2 based on uboot_2012.07

Host platform: ubuntu Linux 10.04 or above

Target board: All Blackfin evaluation boards from ADI.

Note: The source code in this release can be used to develop application for the customer boards on other Linux hosts. But, they are not tested by ADI.


Source files


Compressed Linux image


This document


Compressed archive of test results


Summary of test results


New features and changes

Improve kernel

  • Upgrade kernel to 3.5.7
  • Support bf548 v0.4 processor
  • Update kgdb SMP support to send IPI by generic_exec_single() without possible block in smp_call_function().
  • Replace BF561 IPI message queue implementation with generic SMP inter core message helpers.
  • Clean up SEC driver for Bf60x. Append the SEC IRQ after the IVG6, which is consistent to BF5xx SIC. Exclude SIC irqchip fucntions from SEC code. Call handle_fasteoi_irq in SEC error and fault handler.


  • Add tdm support in ASOC sport driver for bf60x. Bring up ad1836 sound codec driver on top of bf60x sport driver.
  • Add NEC NL8048HL LCD frame buffer driver for BF60x and the EI3 LCD extender.
  • Add aptina mt9m114 V4L2 camera driver for BF60x and the EI3 Camera extender with frame rate setting capability, 720P resolution support and frame error indication.
  • Add crossbar performance tuning configuration options and driver for BF60x.
  • Enable ADXL345 accelerometer input driver for BF60x
  • Enable AD7879 touch screen input driver for BF60x
  • Update the IEEE1588 PTP driver to the new hardware time stamping framework for BF518 and BF609. Replace system stamp with the raw hardware one. Provide a PTP hardware clock device.
  • Add bfin_eppi driver for generic eppi interface on bf60x.

ICC and MCAPI 2.0

  • Port BF561 bare metal ICC and MCAPI implementation from uClinux distribution to buildroot.
  • Implement the resource management protocol defined in ICC spec for both Linux kernel and bare metal stub on BF609 and BF561.
  • Develop the ICC resource management server in Linux kernel.
  • Develop the ICC resource request and free API in bare metal stub library.
  • Add a ICC resource management sample code for bare metal stub.

Buildroot distribution

  1. Improve buildroot building framework
    • Update ADI buildroot tree to mainline release 2012.08. Update Blackfin and NOMMU specific patches for some packages with new version.
    • Merge former Blackfin arch configure options and make targets into new generic device config and make files. Add new NOMMU configure options into the package generic config files. Move ADI Blackfin rootfs skeleton to new board sub folder.
    • Add new configure options for BF5xx family processors and new default config files for ADI BF5xx evaluation boards.
    • Redesign the package external source code override scripts in the package generic makefiles. Update Linux makefile to build external source via the generic source override feature in buildroot framework.
    • Send the blackfin arch configure options patch, the NOMMU configure option patch, the generic external source code override patch and the Linux external source makefile patch back to buildroot mainline for review.
  2. new app for buildroot
    • Update ptp server to the new linuxptp for IEEE1588 v2 protocol with average <500ns time offset
    • Enable GPS daemon for blackfin.
    • Add PCMCIA utility.
    • Add GNUplot.
    • Enable Linphone 3.3.2.
  3. new lib for buildroot
    • Enable QT 4.8.2 to be built and run properly on blackfin.
  4. test suites for buildroot
    • Port all BF5xx test suites under uClinux distribution to the Jenkins framework for buildroot. Add new Jenkins projects for each BF5xx regression board.
    • Adapt current BF60x test suites to BF5xx.
    • Add bfin-canned test suite
    • Add PPI-FCD test sutie

Known Issues

A full list of known issues of 2012R2 release can be found at:

Known issues:

No Issue Title
7209 bonnie++ test fail in spi mmc test in latest trunk
7316 [ltp] LTP test case fcntl15 in ltp-full-20120903 fails
7552 after boot bf527-ezkit kernel, sometimes it hangs and reboot
7555 In bf527 after wake up from standby, it takes long time to mount usb host device
7556 fail to mount usb device after wake up from standby/mem in bf548
7563 In gadget fs control test on bf527-ezkit, it can not find right usb device in by lsusb command in regression
7578 spi mmc test hangs in bonnie++ when using interrupt mode
7597 Can not remove gadget audio module
7598 Gadget audio fails to work on bf609-ezkit with adau1761 as no sound comes out
7602 PC can find board'irda card,but the board can't find the PC irda.
7611 awg app built into flat format fails to get client connected correctly

Build Procedure

  1. Install Toolchain Release 2012R2-RC2
  2. Download the source code of project buildroot for Blackfin release 2012R2-RC4
  3. Follow Basic compilation directions

Reporting Bugs

1. Go to the following Blackfin buildroot bug tracker page,

2. If the bug is not already reported click on “Submit New” button to report new bug.