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Release Notes for uClinux for Blackfin 2008R1.5 Release

Version: 2008R1.5

Date: Aug. 4, 2008

This is a sub release of 2008R1. In addition to the new drivers for bf52x board, most changes are bug fixings. The latest version of this document can always be found here:

Development Environments

Tool Chain: Toolchain Release 2008R1.5

u-boot: uboot_1.1.6 Release 2008R1.5

Host platform: SuSE Linux 9.2 or above

Target board: STAMP & EZKIT Board

Note: However, other similar host platforms are also supported, but they are not well tested.


Source files


Linux ELF file


Compressed Linux image


This document


Compressed archive of test results


Summary of test results


New features and changes

  1. Port kernel to bf52x
    • Enable I2C-TWI driver, SPI flash driver, NOR flash driver, touch screen SPI driver.
    • Enable NAND flash driver
    • Enable USB device and USB host driver
    • Add T350MCQB TFT LCD driver
    • Add ssm2602 audio codec
  2. Improve kernel.
    • Upgrade kernel to
    • Update real time ADEOS patch to kernel.
    • Turn on user space memory protection for blackfin
    • Turn on limited SMP kernel support on bf561.
  3. Drivers
    • Enable DMA 1 mode for bulk transfer in BF54x or BF52x MUSB driver
  4. board support
    • Add bf527-ezkit board and bf526-ezkit board support
  5. Application and library
    • Port Bluetooth-alsa library to blackfin
    • make linphone g729 stream compliant
    • Change bf561 coreb link script to support C/C++ code application
  6. Automate new test cases to include more manual testings. Update existed automated test suites against new bf52x board.

Known Issues

A full list of known issues of 2008R1.5 release can be found at:

No Issue Title
1186 Sometimes CTRL+C kills shell
1800 kaffe.flt crash
2718 /proc/self/exe link is broken for FLAT binaries
2719 unable to strace across vforks
2779 Null pointer exception when run a test bash script
2977 OPROFILE doesn't seem to work and crashes with null pointer access
3417 loading module with certain relocations into L1 may crash kernel
3713 spi_mmc driver not working well with concurrent access on the spi bus.
3787 pata_bf54x does not unload cleanly
3788 USB hang with ZiO! CF reader
3826 `strace env <something>` crashes when built as FLAT
3851 CFI flash on BF548-EZKIT is not detected due to query version being too new
4090 XIP can't work in flash
4120 Ping sometimes fail for gadget ethernet on BF527-EZKIT in 08r1 branch
4141 usb gadget zero test NO. 14 fails
4175 PIPE_ISOCHRONOUS mode is not enabled or running well in isp1362, isp1760 usb host driver.
4193 kernel with icache disabled boots fail on BF548 EZKIT
4207 build smb sometimes fails at mkcramfs.c on branch 08r1
4265 WARNING: at lib/kref.c:33 kref_get() when using USB peripherals on BF54x, BF52x MUSB driver
4273 Double faults are impossible to debug
4278 In 08r1 branch, when ping/telnet/ftp to BF533-EZKIT, xenomai kernel shows warning messages
4291 MUSB peripheral bulk transfer issues

There are also some issues in the latest LTP test suite. They are recorded as bug 3743 and 3958. Bug 4291, 4141 and 4120 look like USB hardware anomalies more than software bugs. 4291 is walked around is this release, while 4141 and 4120 don't have a good walkaround yet. It is not recommend to set up ethernet over USB through bf548 onchip USB controller.

Build Procedure

  1. Install Toolchain Release 2008R1.5
  2. Download the source code of project uClinux-dist for Blackfin release 2008R1.5
  3. Follow basic compilation directions

Reporting Bugs

1. Go to the following Blackfin uClinux bug tracker page,

2. If the bug is not already reported click on “Submit New” button to report new bug.