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2012R1 linux development plan for bf60x

This is the development plan document for the 2012R1 Linux release for new bf60x chips.

Linux kernel version bumps to 3.3. Linux distribution is based on buildroot distribution release 2011.05.


Day Event Comment
Jun. 1, 2011 Porject start Clarify what to do for the whole release cycle to all engineers.
Aug. 31 Pre ALPHA release Boot Linux kernel on FPGA till failing to mount VFS with panic.
Nov. 31 ALPHA release Run linux kernel and buildroot distribution on BF609-ezkit v0.1 board with basic drivers ready.
May. 31, 2012 BETA release Branch 2012R1 and tag 2012R1-BETA-BF6XX for bf609 only. Complete most on-chip peripheral drivers. Enable audio and camera drivers for add-on boards. Import applications, libraries and test code into buildroot. Adapt kernel to bf609-ezkit v1.0 board. Running regression testsuites under Jenkins framework.
Jun 15 RC1 release Tag 2012R1-RC1-BF6XX. No new features on branch and bug fixes after this point. ICC & MCAPI port to bf60x. CCES MCAPI library is mutual operable with Linux implementation. V4L2 HDMI 720P video decoder and encoder drivers are enabled. Generic PPI and SPORT drivers are ready.
Jul. 1 RC2 release bug fixes only
Jul. 15 RC3 release bug fixes only
Jul. 30 RC4 release bug fixes only
Jul. 31 test done Release packets are open for download.

File and Tag Prefix Name

Packet name prefix blackfin-buildroot-dist
Major version 2012R1
Minor version RCx, BETAx, ALPHAx (x stands for alphabit number from 1)
GIT Tag name prefix 2012R1-RCx-BF6XX
GIT Branch name 2012R1

There may be further release candidates depending on the severity of the bugs found.