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Making an OS X Toolchain Release

This page is a subsection of the main release-creation page. So you should read & be familiar with all that content first.

We only create tarballs of the toolchain for OS X. This is due to the lack of a standard package manager in OS X. But for people who want to use the toolchain, this shouldn't be a problem.


  • install software in order to build a toolchain
  • install rpm2targz
  • get the Blackfin GNU Toolchain source RPM for this release
  • grab the parse-spec file from the toolchain SVN



Install additional software packages as outlined in the OS X development page.


With the released Blackfin source RPM, unpack it with rpm2targz:

mkdir 2010R1
cd 2010R1
rpm2tar -O blackfin-toolchain-2010R1-RC4.src.rpm | tar xf -

This will leave all the source tarballs and rpm helper files in the working directory.


Run the parse-spec on the blackfin-toolchain.spec file to build up everything:

./parse-spec blackfin-toolchain.spec

This will leave you with a single tarball in the current directly named blackfin-toolchain-<ver>.<osver>.<arch>.tar.bz2.


Upload this file like other toolchain releases; see release-creation.