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Toolchain Libraries

Standard Libraries

You can see some details of the current uClinux libaries in this section.


uClibc, the C library used in uClinux, is a smaller implementation than those which ship with most modern Linux distributions. The library has been designed to provide most of the calls that UNIX-like C programs will use. If an application requires a feature that is not implemented in uClibc, the feature may be added to uClibc, linked in as a separate library, or it can be added to the application itself. More information on uClibc is available from the main-line uClibc website

Creating Libraries

There are some hints on how to do this in here and further information on adding libraries to the linux distribution is available here .

VDSP Libraries

Since VDSP++ does not use standard elf (where standard is defined as how the developers of gcc read the ELF specification), VDSP Libraries are not directly usable in gcc or uclinux. They must be compiled from source.