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Setting up a project

There are many ways that Eclipse can be used with the uClinux distribution. This section will describe how to create a uClinux project and build it with Eclipse. Before proceeding with these instructions you should have read the sections on Compiling the Kernel and Adding User Applications. This section essentially describes how to perform the same tasks from within Eclipse.

First, start a new project by selecting File→New→C Project. The following project wizard dialog should now be displayed:

In the Project name field enter the name of your program/module. Uncheck default location if your sources are not in the default workspace (normally, the uClinux sources may reside on another location). If the Blackfin Toolset plugin is present the red circled box should be unchecked. Otherwise, the list of Toolchains does not show up crosscompiler options.

You should now have a new project visible in the Navigator view. From here you should be able to add new files to the project by selecting File→New File (or do it via context menu). Once you have created all the required source files, and the Makefile you may now create configurations to build the uClinux kernel image - refer to make support at: Automation of Actions.