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File Transfer using ftp on Windows Hosts

This small example describes an easy way to transfer executable files from the Eclipse IDE to the target, using Eclipse External Tools configuration. An ftp utility ships with every Windows installation. Since ftp.exe can’t be fully configured using command line paramters, a small helper script is used to generate an ftp command file and to invoke ftp on the development host.


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Example winftp.bat Batch File:

REM Usage: winftp.bat destinationIP destinationFolder FileToTransfer
echo open %1 > ftps.cmd
echo root>> ftps.cmd
echo uClinux>> ftps.cmd
echo bi>> ftps.cmd
echo cd %2>> ftps.cmd
echo put %3 >> ftps.cmd
echo quit>> ftps.cmd
C:\WINDOWS\system32\ftp.exe -v -s:ftps.cmd
del ftps.cmd
echo  DONE 

In your Eclipse Project Explorer – Select the executable file to transfer followed by a click on the FTP Tool Button.

File Transfer using rcp on Linux Hosts

On Linux it’s more convenient to use RCP



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