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 +=====Site-wide functions=====
 +====Project Tree====
 +The Project Tree allows users to search for projects by various categories shown under the "Browse By:" list.  Selecting one of these categories displays various subdirectories to search in.  Selecting a subdirectory will take the user to even more subdirectories until the user finds what they desire.
 +====Snippet Library====
 +The Snippet Library function of [[|]] is very interesting; it enables the collection of all types of information/knowledge which is not a complete piece of code and which has historically been difficult to organize and share. 
 +Typical examples are sophisticated shell commands, javascript functions, perl one-liners, SQL expressions that perform special queries, an algorithm, etc. 
 +====Inserting a new snippet====
 +You can insert a new Snippet by clicking on the "Submit a New Snippet" link. 
 +A form appears where the following information can be inserted: 
 +  *  **Title: **Insert the title of the snippet. This will be displayed in the list of the snippets. 
 +  *  **Description: **Insert the description of the snippet. 
 +  *  **Type: **Select the type of the snippet: function, full script, HOWTO, class, README 
 +  *  **License: **The license that the snippet is under.** **
 +  *  **Language: **Select the language of the snippet. 
 +  *  **Category: **Choose the category of the snippet: UNIX Admin, Games, Math Functions, etc.** **
 +  *  **Version:  **Insert the version number of the snippet. For a new snippet, enter "1.0". 
 +  *  **Code: **Paste the code of the snippet in this field. 
 +====Browsing snippets====
 +You can browse snippets by clicking the "Browse" link. 
 +You can browse snippets by Language or by Category. The resulting table shows the list of all snippets associated with the selected Language/Category. You can click on the snippet number to view the detail of the snippet.
 +====Modifying a snippet====
 +You cannot modify an existing snippet, but you can add a new version of the snippet by clicking on the Submit a new version link on the bottom part of the detail page for the snippet. 
 +Adding a new version does not delete the old version; all previous versions will continue to be available.