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Building uClinux-dist

Now you're ready to start compiling things yourself! Make sure you have a few gigabytes free to unpack and compile the distribution.


Visit the uClinux Distribution download page and download the blackfin-linux-dist-<version>.tar.bz2 archive.

Unpack the huge archive (not as root!):

$ tar xjf blackfin-linux-dist-<version>.tar.bz2


Enter the tree:

$ cd blackfin-linux-dist

Select the default configuration for this board:

$ make AnalogDevices/@UCDIST_BOARD@_defconfig

And then build it up:

$ make


Once things have finished compiling, all the final images are placed in the images/ subdirectory. Most of the time, you'll just want to copy the images/uImage file to your TFTP root. For full details on all these files, see the uClinux distribution images page.

$ cp images/uImage /tftpboot/

Now you can boot your local build. The default is to bundle the root filesystem as an initramfs and run everything out of RAM.

For the curious, the romfs/ directory is the generated output tree that is used to create the rootfs.


If you want to add more userland packages (libraries/servers/programs/etc…), then do:

$ make config_menuconfig

If you want to customize the Linux kernel settings, then do:

$ make linux_menuconfig

After you're done, simply run make again and have updated files in images/.