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TFTP Upload

With U-boot up and running, we can program the u-boot-@UBOOT_BOARD@-@BOOTMODE@-<version>.@FILETYPE@ from the @BOARD@ tarball you already downloaded. Copy the file to the TFTP server directory so that it can be fetched and name it u-boot.@FILETYPE@. If you do not already have a TFTP server running, then consult the setting up a TFTP server page.

First make sure ethernet is enabled by configuring the switches on the board as follows: @SWITCH_SETUP@

Make sure your board is configured to talk to the TFTP server. By default, the board uses the IP and tries to connect to the server via the gateway You can check the env settings on the board:

bfin> print ipaddr
bfin> print serverip
bfin> print gatewayip

If you need different addresses, then simply change the value of these variables:

bfin> set ipaddr

Now that we are happy with the network settings, we will transfer the file to the board's external memory over Ethernet via tftp (the filesize might not match exactly your output):

bfin> tftp 0x1000 u-boot.@FILETYPE@
Using bfin_mac device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'u-boot.ldr'.
Load address: 0x1000
Loading: ###############
Bytes transferred = 212528 (33e30 hex)

Verify the file transferred correctly by using the crc command on the board:

bfin> crc 0x1000 $(filesize)

Then compare the value to the crc computed on your host computer:

$ crc /tftpboot/u-boot.@FILETYPE@

They should of course match.