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@BOARDNAME@ Quick Start


The @BOARDNAME@ uClinux Dist Board Support Package (BSP) provides you with an environment to develop Linux applications for the ADSP-@CPU@ Blackfin Processor.

This document provides a brief overview of how to get started using the @BOARDNAME@@BOARD@. A detailed document of the board, the Linux operating system, and the GNU toolchain can be found on the accompanying CD under the \docs\ directory or on the website at offline docs.

BSP Contents

This kit contains the @BOARDNAME@@BOARD@, the Open Source collection CD/DVD, and this document. @EXTRA_CONTENTS@


The schematics and layout files for this board are on the CD and can be found on the web at schematics. Full specifications for the ADSP-@CPU@ Blackfin processor can be found on the web at Blackfin Homepage.

Disc Contents

The disc contains might contain outdated releases of our toolchain, kernel, and bootloader. Please visit our homepage to make sure you start off with the latest releases.


Some things to keep in mind while reading this guide:

  • When working with dip switches (the ones with numbers on one side), ON means the switch is away from the number
  • Das U-Boot (or just U-Boot) is the default boot loader used on Blackfin systems
  • Linux is the open source operating system typically run by U-Boot
  • Terminal emulators are programs that let you communicate with the board over the serial port