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ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Quick Start



This document provides a brief overview on how to set up the development environment and get started developing with uClinux on the BF548 EZ-KIT. It comes with simplified instructions detailing a single approach to development and eases the reader into getting adjusted to developing for uClinux. Most of the content for this guide is drawn from the online wiki so credit goes to the wiki editors.

The aim is to consolidate the different sections of the wiki into one streamlined document so that the reader understands the general background before moving onto using the wiki as their main reference source.

This document is specific to the BF548 EZ-KIT, and not directly relevent for development with uClinux on other boards, or using other development techniques & IDEs. This document can however act as a stepping stone; allowing the reader somewhere to start before moving on to reading the wiki and broadening their knowledge of uClinux.

This guide covers running the uClinux file system from an SD card, an option which allows for providing a persistent file system, and escaping memory limitations and other difficult environment situations. There are however many different ways to boot uClinux and more information can be attained from the wiki about the other boot options (ramboot, nandboot, etc).

You will need some basic linux skills to follow this guide. It is recommended to install the customised Ubuntu that accompanies this guide (bf548-quick-start-files) and look up some simple guides on the internet to get yourself acclimatised to the development environment.

This document is sometimes sparse on details regarding the physical aspects of the board and further details can be acquired on the following pages: BF548 EZ-Kit Getting Started

Custom Ubuntu ISO

This guide is accompanied by a special modified ubuntu distribution based on 12.04 32bit LTS. It is recommended you download and run this distribution either as a live DVD, virtual machine image, or installed as a permanent operating system. This modified distribution has all the software set up, demo programs, and the guide accompanying it.

You can download the customised Ubuntu ISO (tutorial-blackfin-ubuntu-live-dvd-R1.iso) from here bf548-quick-start under the files tab.

The recommended way to use this customised Ubuntu ISO is to burn it to DVD and install it on your host PC alongside your existing operating systems. It is recommended that when prompted you set the username and password to uclinux to match this tutorial.

BSP Contents

Your ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite evaluation system package contains the following items.

  • ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite board
  • Universal 7.5V DC power supply
  • 256 MB secure digital (SD) memory card
  • 1 GB USB high-speed flash drive
  • 7-foot Ethernet crossover cable
  • 7-foot Ethernet patch cable
  • Four x 6-foot 3.5 mm male-to-male audio cables
  • 3.5 mm headphones
  • 5-in-1cable and connectors for USB on-the-go (OTG) applications
  • Ethernet loopback connector

It also may include things not needed for Linux development including:

  • 10-foot USB A-B male cable for USB Debug Agent
  • VisualDSP++ Installation Quick Reference Card
  • CD containing, VisualDSP++ software, ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite debug software, and the ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Manual in pdf.

The schematics and layout files for this board are on the CD and can be found on the web at schematics. Full specifications for the ADSP-BF548 Blackfin processor can be found on the web at Blackfin Homepage.


Some things to keep in mind while reading this guide:

  • When working with dip switches (the ones with numbers on one side), ON means the switch is away from the number
  • Das U-Boot (or just U-Boot) is the default boot loader used on Blackfin systems
  • Linux is the open source operating system typically run by U-Boot
  • Terminal emulators are programs that let you communicate with the board over the serial port
  • A line prefixed with the $ symbol indicates a terminal command on the development machine
  • A line prefixed with bfin> indicates a terminal command on the blackfin board terminal over RS232 while in the bootloader
  • A line prefixed with root> indicates a terminal command on the blackfin board terminal over RS232 while in uClinux
  • Instructions assume use of the accompanying custom Ubuntu ISO. It is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit.
  • Instructions assume use of uClinux distribution version 2011R1-RC3. Use of a different distro will not be too different, but instructions will need to be adjusted at some points.
  • /dev/ttyUSB0 will be referenced commonly however your serial port may appear as a different device. /dev/ttyUSB0 is common for Serial to USB converters, and it's possible if you're using an actual serial port that the device you will need to use is /dev/ttyUSB0. This will depend on what set up your development machine has in terms of serial ports. You will need to adjust the instructions to suit your situation

Guide Index


Development Environment

Booting uClinux

Peripheral Demos

Compiling uClinux

Cross Compiling Applications

Where to next

This guide shows only a small sample of what you can do on the BF548-EZKIT and its potential to create high performance embedded applications. The next place to start looking at for more information is the blackfin uclinux wiki and to read through the entire wiki introduction, and begin using the search bar to find pages relevent to what you need to create your application.

This guide also did not go extensively into developing applications that utilise hardware such as the I2C ports etc but you can find detailed information on this in the wiki.

A good suggestion of places to continue reading are listed below:

  • EngineerZone Forums
    This is the help forum for the linux distributions for Blackfin. Feel free to ask for help here!
  • FAQ
    The FAQ is a good place to find debugging tips as well as answers to general questions.
  • Wiki page on uClinux
    The uClinux wiki page acts as an index pointing to several pages containing content such as its configuration, how to work with its libraries and how to build to a target.
  • Application Debugging
    The Application Debugging page provides information on how to read and debug error messages during your application development on the blackfin boards.
  • Kernel Programming
    The Kernel Programming page provides information about how the kernel works, even if you do not plan to do any kernel programming this background knowledge is useful to know.
  • Adding User Applications
    This page details how to integrate user applications into the uClinux distribution for automatic builds.
  • uClinux Distribution Files
    Get the uClinux distribution files here. Suggested if you want the latest distribution or a clean copy of the files.

Also take note that while all the demo code provided in this tutorial is C based, the blackfin toolchain also supports C++ and other languages. Simply use bfin-uclinux-g++ instead of bfin-uclinux-gcc for c++.

Good luck and have fun developing on your BF548-EZKIT!

Thanks & Credits

Thanks and credits go to Analog Devices Australia and RMIT University for supporting the creation of this software package. Thanks also go out to all the editors of the wiki upon which most of this content is based on.