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 ===== Various Ads ===== ===== Various Ads =====
-{{youtube>large:GsZsC47Yza8|Open Source ad}} +{{youtube>GsZsC47Yza8|Open Source ad}} 
 ===== IBM Ads ===== ===== IBM Ads =====
-{{youtube>large:pDh4LKTIxq8|Linux is growing}} +{{youtube>pDh4LKTIxq8|Linux is growing}} 
-{{youtube>large:RJ3eq_lKHFk|Linux is ready}} +{{youtube>RJ3eq_lKHFk|Linux is ready}} 
-{{youtube>large:EwL0G9wK8j4|IBM Linux ad: Prodigy}} +{{youtube>EwL0G9wK8j4|IBM Linux ad: Prodigy}} 
-{{youtube>large:BesI6NEPWlM|Muhammad Ali IBM commercial}} +{{youtube>BesI6NEPWlM|Muhammad Ali IBM commercial}} 
-{{youtube>large:LcxMWDpRCmU|Linux is Working}} +{{youtube>LcxMWDpRCmU|Linux is Working}} 
-{{youtube>large:KwEWxpOWOok|IBM supports Linux 100%}}+{{youtube>KwEWxpOWOok|IBM supports Linux 100%}}
 ===== Red Hat Ads ===== ===== Red Hat Ads =====
-{{youtube>large:ZtdnZNYN0MM|Truth Happens}} +{{youtube>ZtdnZNYN0MM|Truth Happens}} 
-{{youtube>large:FwYt7hobYZg|The Customer is in Charge}} +{{youtube>FwYt7hobYZg|The Customer is in Charge}} 
 ===== Novell Ads ===== ===== Novell Ads =====
-{{youtube>large:cldeHjFig_c|Mac, PC & Linux - Novell Commercial}} +{{youtube>cldeHjFig_c|Mac, PC & Linux - Novell Commercial}} 
-{{youtube>large:GVOnFdMf0RU|Second Novell Linux Spoof Ad}} +{{youtube>GVOnFdMf0RU|Second Novell Linux Spoof Ad}} 
-{{youtube>large:Pa1RCg-Ccp0|Novell Linux, Mac, PC}}+{{youtube>Pa1RCg-Ccp0|Novell Linux, Mac, PC}}