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2009R1 Update

2009 Release 1

  • Project Web site
  • GNU Toolchain
  • Das U-Boot
  • µClinux Distribution / Linux Kernel

Project Web Site

The website is supported by both an active open source community as well as a small dedicated team from Analog Devices Inc.

Support (user assistance & defect correction) for the various source/tools are provided via this web site.

  • Toolchain
  • Boot loaders (U-Boot)
  • Linux Kernel
  • µClinux distribution

If you have a question, or think you have found a defect/bug, ask on the web site.

Requests reported via telephone or e-mail cannot be properly tracked and managed and so, to help us to support you, please report all issues you have via the issue trackers.

Do not send private email questions or bug reports to project developers email addresses or mailing lists managed on this site. We do not have the resources/time to reply to them.

2009R1 GNU Toolchain

  • Release based on GCC 4.1.2 (Optional GCC 4.3.3 available)
    • improved hardware loop utilization
    • improved vectorization
    • improved performance
    • improved anomaly support (more anomalies, more accurate)
  • New processor support: BF51x BF52x-0.2 BF531/2/3-0.6 BF538/9-0.5 BF54xM BF54x-0.2
  • Improved Windows support
    • bfin-uclinux now works
    • Loading LDR over COM ports
    • Windows installer includes Eclipse and Blackfin plugins
  • Added support for dynamic L2 utilization

2009R1 U-Boot

  • Updated to Upstream 2008.10 release
  • New processor support for BF51x
  • New board support:
    • ADI: BF518F-EZBRD
    • 3rd Party: CM-BF527, TCM-BF537, Blackstamp
  • Additional features:
    • BF52x NAND Booting verified
    • LZMA compression (much smaller than gzip, slightly slower)
    • SPI flash support extended
    • IDE/SDIO/USB file system support

2009R1 Linux Kernel

  • Based on Linux-
    • Last release was 2.6.22.x
  • UIO: drivers in userspace (interrupts/memory/ports)
  • ALSA SoC Codec Framework
  • V4L SoC Camera Framework
  • DSA (Distributed Switch Architecture)

2009R1 Linux Kernel (Blackfin Arch)

  • SMP Support for BF561
  • New processor support: BF51x BF522/4/6 BF538/9 BF54xM
  • Added support for dynamic L2 utilization
  • Integrated KGDB support (no more patching)
  • Dynamic CPLB support (for no-MPU)
  • Improved CPLB performance (for MPU)
  • Software expanded hardware trace buffer
  • Early printk support
  • Explicit memory layout control (memmap=)

2009R1 Linux Kernel (New Boards)

  • Added support for the following boards:
    • bf518-ezbrd
    • bf526-ezbrd
    • bf538-ezkit
  • Third parties too

2009R1 Linux Kernel (Drivers pt 1)

  • New simple-gpio/gpio-sysfs drivers for easy userspace access to GPIOs
  • New ASoC ADI Codecs: ad1980/1 ad73311 SSM2602
  • Add writing support for Blackfin OTP
  • Lower Blackfin serial GPIO CTS/RTS overhead
  • Support hardware CTS/RTS on BF54x
  • More Blackfin MUSB anomaly workarounds
  • New USB Gadgets (Audio, Composite, Printer)
  • Support USB Video Class (Blackfin controlling camera)

2009R1 Linux Kernel (Drivers pt 2)

  • Support DMA with SPI flashes
  • Stable SPI/MMC support with multiple SPI devices
  • Extend PPI driver for multiple PPIs
  • Support ADF70xx IRDA card
  • Support ENC28J60 SPI ethernet
  • Support KSZ8893M ethernet switch (BF518-EZBRD)
  • Emulate SPI bus with SPORT interface
  • Emulate UART with SPORT interface

2009R1 Linux Kernel (Drivers pt 3)

  • Support TTY-over-JTAG (similar to BTC)
  • Support ADV7183B in V4L
  • Support Rotary Encoder Input on BF52x/BF54x
  • Support ADZS-BFLLCD-EZEXT framebuffer
  • Support AD7879 touchscreen
  • Support ADP5588 input keyboard
  • Support ADP5520 LCD/Keypad/etc…

2009R1 uClinux Distribution

  • More graphics packages
    • directvnc, dirac, giflib, agg, QTE, tiff, usb video class
  • More sound packages
    • madplay, libaio, libogg, libvorbis
  • Random packages for device support
    • Bluetooth, pcmcia, ircp/openobex (irda)

Looking Forward: Toolchain

  • Greatly improved JTAG speeds
    • gnICE (USB 1.1) -- ~150 KiB/s
    • gnICE+ (USB 2.0) -- 1+ MiB/s
  • 64bit Windows support (libusb + signed drivers)
  • switch to GCC 4.3 by default
    • Improved optimization -- nbench says we're better than four P90's with integer math
  • GDB 7.0
    • Scripting with python
    • Step backwards
    • Checkpoints

Looking Forward: U-Boot

  • Newer EZ-Kits/EZ-Boards now ship with U-Boot
  • Simpler board porting
  • VDSP Flash programmer support
  • Lockbox support -- booting signed images
  • more drivers !

Looking Forward: Linux Kernel

  • ftrace
  • Socket CAN to replace CAN4LINUX
  • more drivers !
  • world domination ?