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2008R1.5 Update

2008 Release 1.5

  • Project Web site
  • GNU Toolchain
  • Das U-Boot
  • µClinux Distribution / Linux Kernel

Project Web Site

The website is supported by both an active open source community as well as a small dedicated team from Analog Devices Inc.

Support (user assistance & defect correction) for the various source/tools are provided via this web site.

  • Toolchain
  • BootLoaders (U-Boot)
  • Linux Kernel
  • µClinux distribution

If you have a question, or think you have found a defect/bug, ask on the web site.

Requests reported via telephone or e-mail cannot be properly tracked and managed and so, to help us to support you, please report all issues you have via the issue trackers.

Do not send private email questions or bug reports to project developers email addresses or mailing lists managed on this site. We do not have the resources/time to reply to them.

2008R1.5 GNU Toolchain

  • Mainly a bugfix (including new silicon anomalies) release -- getting ready for next major releases upstream
    • binutils-2.17
    • gcc-4.1.2
    • gdb-6.6
    • insight-6.6
  • uClibc-0.9.29
  • Fast userspace atomic operations
  • Native Windows toolchain available for testing
    • meant for developing Linux apps or bare metal apps only
    • Still use CoLinux for building kernel/distribution
  • New LDR utility
    • Generate LDR images from ELFs
    • Boot over UART
    • Supports all Blackfin variants (BF53x, BF561, BF52x, BF54x)

2008R1.5 GNU Toolchain - memory checking

Stack Bounds Checking - see docs

  • -mstack-check-l1

Pointer debugging docs

  • -fmudflap -lmudflap

2008R1.5 GNU Toolchain - bare metal

Develop bare metal applications (no operating system) with the low cost gnICE or Peedi (JTAG) and Eclipse (IDE).


gnICE : JTAG clock (TCK) 6 MHz
Peedi : JTAG clock (TCK) 5kHz –33MHz


  • newlib and libgloss
  • Blackfin DSP runtime library

Supported OSes:

  • Linux (any distribution)
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows (XP or Vista)


  • Surveyor SRV-1 Blackfin Robot
  • MIT Space Systems Laboratory
  • Many others

2008R1.5 GNU Toolchain - Eclipse

Eclipse currently runs on

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98SE
  • Linux® on Intel x86 - Motif, GTK
  • Apple Mac OS® X
  • More

Uses standard Eclipse & the CDT Eclipse Project.

Blackfin specific plugins available from

  • MMR viewer
  • Toolchain Wizard.

Currently downloaded 1500+ times.

2008R1.5 GNU Toolchain - support


Time and materials:

  • Contracting (time/effort)
  • List of professional services on web site

Commercial support - deterministic answers

2008R1.5 Das U-Boot

  • New processor support: BF538/BF539
  • New board ports
    • ADI: BF526-EZBRD & BF538F-EZKIT
    • 3rd Party: CM-BF533 & CM-BF537E & CM-BF548 & CM-BF561
  • Booting parallel flash LDRs now supported for BF53x/BF561
  • Booting out of NAND now supported for BF54x-0.1+
  • Support for SST SPI flashes

What is µClinux

  • Pronounced “you-see-linux”, the name µClinux comes from combining the greek letter “mu” and the English capital “C”. “µ” or “Mu” stands for “micro”, and the “C” is for “controller”.
  • µClinux is like every other Linux distribution:
    • Uses the Linux kernel from
    • booted with a bootloader
    • compiled with the GNU Toolchain (gcc, gas, gdb)
    • the C library is µClibc (some distributions use glibc)
    • build system that allows you to easily integrate various applications and libraries (existing and custom) into a bootable images

Complete introduction presentation at intro.

2008R1.5 Linux Kernel

  • Based on
  • New architecture ports
    • BF54x
    • BF52x
  • New board ports
    • ADI: BF548-EZKIT & BF527-EZKIT
    • 3rd Party: H8606 & Minotaur
  • MPU (Process to process memory protection) support
  • New device drivers
    • AD7877
    • MUSB (BF54x/BF52x)
      • Host (storage [hard drive, thumb drive, CD-ROM, DVD, CF, iPod, SD] / keyboard / mouse / serial / audio / lego / network [wireless and wired] / and more)
      • Device (network/storage/serial/raw/ others…)
    • NAND (BF54x/BF52x)
    • ATAPI (BF54x)
    • Keypad (BF54x)
    • TFT LCD LQ043 (BF548-EZKIT)
    • TFT LCD T350MCQB (BF527-EZKIT)
    • SD/MMC (BF548-EZKit)
    • OTP (LockBox) interface
    • ALSA System On Chip (ASOC) Audio devices (AD1980, AD1981)
    • And MORE – check web site

2008R1.5 uClinux Distribution

  • Integration of many multimedia packages
    • SDL (cross-platform multimedia library)
      • Random SDL examples: Doom, asteroids, etc…
    • DirectFB (thin library for hardware graphics/input/etc…)
    • ffmpeg (video/audio library)
    • mplayer (video/audio player)
    • vlc (video/audio streamer and player)
    • xmame (arcade emulator)
    • mpc2x (mpd graphical client)
  • Update to newer versions of many packages
  • Overhaul general library handling with “staging directory”
    • Much easier to integrate new libraries/applications
  • Improve parallel compilation for multicore host systems

Team Development Processes

Processes for development are outlined online

2008R1 Demos

Here is a short video of some of the SDL Examples:

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