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RT PREEMPT on Blackfin

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Apply the PREEMPT_RT patch on blackfin linux kernel.

A temporary patch is kept in uclinux-dist/bfin_patch/preempt_rt/, to enables preempt-rt for blackfin - this patch will be sent to upstream preempt-rt tree, once the blackfin linux tree is synchronized with upstream.

Kernel Configuration
Preemption Mode (Complete Preemption (Real-Time))  --->
-*- Thread Softirqs  
-*- Thread Hardirqs

Cyclic test

Cyclictest is used commonly by PREEMPT_RT developers as benchmark tool. It can be used together with Ftrace to trace latency. Document:

Miscellaneous Applications  --->
--- Test Applications
[ ] C++ Test Applications
[*] cyclictest (rt-tests)

The cyclictest in svn tree contains a patch not accepted by mainline (no response) but necessary to make it work properly: