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Blackfin DMA Userspace Interface

This documents the simple /dev/bfin-dma driver. It is an ioctl interface.

The general work flow is:

  • request a MDMA channel
  • do transfers (sync/async/etc…)
  • free a MDMA channel

Kernel Config

To enable the driver in your kernel configuration:

Device Drivers  --->
  Character devices  --->
    <M> Blackfin Userspace DMA Interface

Ioctl API

enum {
struct dma_state {
	unsigned int channel;
	volatile int done;
	struct dmasg dsc_src, dsc_dst;

All ioctls take a pointer to a dma_state struct as an argument. The done field is for async notification. It will be set to 1 when a DMA finishes.


This code performs two transfers:

  • synchronous 8 bit
  • asynchronous 8 bit

file: user/blkfin-test/bfin-dma/bfin-dma.c

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