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Trace: » bf54x-lq043fb

Linux framebuffer driver for ADSP-BF54x

This driver currently supports the 4.3” 480×272 SHARP LQ043T1DG01 TFT-LCD on BF54x EPPI0 in RGB888/RGB666 transmit modes.

Support for other displays could be easily added by changing a few defines.

The default framebuffer format is 24-Bit RGB


file: drivers/video/bf54x-lq043fb.c

scm failed with exit code 1:
file does not exist in git

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Hardware Setup:

ADSP-BF548 Ez-Kit Lite Settings:

  Set all switches to default position (refer Ez-kit schematic)
  SW5:  1(ON), 2(ON), 3(ON), 4(ON)
  SW14: 1(ON), 2(ON), 3(ON), 4(ON)
  For RGB888 (24-bit output), set SW17: 1(ON), 2(OFF), 3(ON),  4(OFF)
  For RGB666 (18-bit output), set SW17: 1(ON), 2(ON),  3(OFF), 4(OFF)

Adding Driver Support

Kernel Options

Graphics support

 [*] Backlight & LCD device support  --->              
 <*> Support for frame buffer devices                  
 [ ]   Enable firmware EDID                            
 [ ]   Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers              
 [ ]   Enable Tile Blitting Support                    
 ---   Frame buffer hardware drivers                   
 < >   Blackfin ADI7171 video encoder on uClinux       
 < >   Blackfin ADV7393 Video encoder on uClinux       
 <*> SHARP LQ043 TFT LCD (BF548 EZKIT)                 
 < > Epson S1D13XXX framebuffer support                
 < > Virtual Frame Buffer support (ONLY FOR TESTING!)  
     Console display driver support  --->              
     Logo configuration  --->                          

Module Parameters

EPPI Output Format (Saves some additional Pins)


0 RGB888 (default) 24-Bit
1 RGB666 18-Bit


0 default
1 Turns off framebuffer console cursor

For more see here: fbcon