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JTAG Blue Cable


The JTAG Blue Cable is an affordable JTAG download cable which can be used as an In Circuit Emulator for the Blackfin. To find out where to purchase it, see the buy_stuff page.

In case it might help somebody else, here are the connections used to connect the Rena Electronics JTAGBLUE-200 to the standard JTAG interface that every EZKit/STAMP/etc… uses.

Other Cable STAMP JTAG pin pin STAMP JTAG Cable Other
Ground 1) Pull up 1 2 Emulation Output
Key 3 4 Ground GND
VCC Vcc (3.3V) 5 6 JTAG Mode Select TMS
Ground 7 8 JTAG Clock TCK
Ground 9 10 JTAG Reset 3.3V via 500ohm resistor
Ground 11 12 JTAG Serial Data In TDI
Ground 13 14 JTAG Serial Data Out TDO

The Columns labeled “Other” were in addition to connecting the cable. These must be made before the JTAG cable will work.


JTAGBlue is known to work with gdbproxy, as a wiggler.

1) On EZKits, where a on-board JTAG debug agent exists - Pin 1 is connected to a pull up resistor and is connected to the debug agent circuit. When an external emulator is connected it should ground this signals so debug agent turns off/tri-states the JTAG pins, so the external JTAG can have control