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This is a placeholder to create the board description and the manual pages for the BlackVME platform described on A short description:

  • The board includes ADSP-BF561 running at 600 MHz.
  • Up to 128 MB SDRAM (2 * MT48LC16M16A2TG or MT48LC32M16A2TG).
  • Gigabit Ether AX88180 (ASIX) + 88E1111 rev. B2 (Marvell).
  • SPI boot flash on PF2 (M25P64 8MB, or M25P128 16 MB).
  • FPGA boot flash on PF3 (M25P64 8MB, or M25P128 16 MB).
  • Spartan6-LX150 (memory-mapped; both PPIs also connected).
  • Space for two daughter cards and two daughter connectors, 120 pins each one.
  • On-board Linux.
  • VME backplane interface.
  • USB-2 and RS-232.

The BlackVME is a digital “platform board” designed for hosting arbitrary analog or digital instrumentation daughter cards. The first application is a 10-channel, 14 bit, 125 MSPS digitizer for an underground astrophysics experiment currently under deployment in the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) at Homestake, South Dakota.

Other daughter cards are under development. Please visit for details.