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BF609-EZKIT Board

BF609EZ-BOARD is a compact development board based on ADI blackfin processor BF609, click static/imported-files/eval_kit_manuals/ADSP-BF609_ezkit_man_rev_1-0_march_2012.pdf for full version of the user manual of this board.

architecture and resources of this board is illustrated:

More resources is expanded through the tiny expansion interface, we have an expansion adapter card which bridge the tiny interface with existing add on cards applying for BF5xx series boards: 609_adaptor

Setting up the Hardware

Switches and jumpers layout: this photo also shows the default switch positions of the board.

SW2 Boot mode selection:

position 0: Parallel Flash boot

position 3: SPI Flash boot

Position 7: Uart boot

Connect the RS232 UART to a PC, open a minicom to 57600-8-N-1, set the boot mode properly, power on the board, you should see outputs of u-boot.

In case no u-boot is present on board or it's broken, restore it with UART ldr-utils.