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Acvilon BF561 System On Module

Acvilon BF561 is a System On Module for SO-DIMM 144 socket.

Brief Specifications

Acvilon consists of this core parts:

  • ADI Blackfin ADSP-BF561 (2x600MHz cores, 120MHz system bus)
  • 128MBytes SDRAM (32-bit data path)
  • 8MBytes SPI dataflash (for initial loader, U-Boot, Linux kernel and rootfs image)
  • 512MBytes NAND Flash (for user applications and data)

and has a bit of peripherals onboard:

  • USB Host Controller (HS/FS mode)
  • Ethernet 10/100 MAC+PHY
  • I2C Bus Bridge
  • RTC
  • Hardware ID chip
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Audio Codec (optional)
  • Blackfin's PPIs, SPORTs, SPI and number of PFLAGs

Acvilon Module Block Diagram

Here's block diagram of Acvilon module:

The Outro

For more information about Acvilon BF561 module please visit CJSC NII STT web site.