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BF538F EZ-Kit


The complete BF538F-EZKit manual is available on the ADI Website. This page contains select sections from that manual.


If your board does not already have U-Boot on it, then you will need to program the parallel flash with JTAG. Consult the U-Boot Loading page for more information.


SW3 - Boot mode

The SW3 switch controls the boot mode of the processor. The default boot mode should be bypass, or boot mode 0. That means you want to turn ON both switches.

SW3 Position 1 SW3 Position 2 Processor Boot Mode
ON ON Execute from 16-bit external memory (default)
OFF ON Boot from 16-bit flash memory
OFF ON Boot from SPI serial master
OFF OFF Boot from SPI serial slave

SW4 / JP9 - UART

Make sure you do not have the JP9 (UART Loop Jumper) shorted. It needs to be off in order for the UART to be enabled. If you are having troubles with the UART, check out if you are using the correct serial cable

Set the 1,2,3,4 positions in SW4 to ON,ON,ON,OFF:

SW5 - Push Buttons

This switch controls individual push buttons.

Position Button Proc Pin
SW5.1 PB1 PF0
SW5.2 PB2 PF1
SW5.3 PB3 PF2
SW5.4 PB4 PF3

Note that if you wish to use the USB/LAN extender card, you should disconnect PB1, so set SW5.1 to OFF.

SW6 - Flash Enable

Since you will most likely be booting out of parallel flash, you should enable all the async banks. Each dip switch corresponds to each async memory bank. So by default, set all to on:

Note however that if you wish to use the USB/LAN extender card, you should disconnect the last async memory bank:

Ethernet Support

Since the BF538F-EZKit lacks on board ethernet, you'll have to pick up an add-on card. Please see the page for our USB Lan Extender Card.

Keep in mind you'll need to disconnect the last async memory bank from the flash via SW6.