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 +The Blackfin tool chain consists of several utilities which accomplish the basic tasks required to create executable programs: compiling, assembling, and linking.  First standard C code is converted into Blackfin assembly code by the complier, ''bfin-elf-gcc''.  The assembler, ''bfin-elf-as'', then takes this code and creates Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) object files.  These ELF files are linked together by the utility ''bfin-elf-ld'' or included in an archive library by the utility ''bfin-elf-ar''. The ELF files must then be converted into a binary format compatible with uClinux.  This conversion is done by the utility ''bfin-elf-elf2flt'' which converts ELF files into ''//flat//'' binary format files.  The way in which the compiler controls the assembler, linker, and archiver depends on the source input files and the compiler options used.