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2012R1-BETA1-BF60x Release Notes

May 2nd 2012


  • New processor support
    • BF60x(devonshire)
  • New board support
    • bf609-ezkit

Build Environment

While we would love to test every environment out there that you may use, we'll document the platforms we actively develop and test on. Refer to the documentation for setting up your system.

Note: For board version 0.1 please comment marco CONFIG_BFIN_BOARD_VERSION_1_0 in file include/configs/bf609-ezkit.h.

Development is actively done with:

  • Toolchain: Blackfin Toolchain (GCC-4.3.5)
  • Build Platform: UBUNTU
  • Target board: BF609-EZKIT boards

Released u-boot tar ball posted on our website and testing are both actively done with the same software on SUSE systems, but for all supported boards.


File names generally take the form u-boot-<board>-<boot mode>-<version>.filetype.

Each board has one tarball which contains all of the release images for that board. For information on which file to use, see the binaries and boot modes pages. Additionally, a u-boot.elf and init.elf file are included to facilitate booting via JTAG.

All files are raw binary. That means you use them as is. They are most certainly not in the hex or srec format. Alternative file formats are no longer provided as part of the release. If you really need such a file, you will need to convert it yourself.

File Description
u-boot-bf609-ezkit-2012R1-beta1-bf60x.tar.bz2 bf609-ezkit images



Please refer to the Das U-Boot section of the Blackfin documentation wiki for more information: