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2011R1 u-boot-2011.09 Release Notes

November 23rd 2011


  • Update to upstream version 2011.09
  • Legacy boards that is tested in this release
    • BF518F-EZBRD
    • BF526-EZBRD
    • BF527-EZKIT
    • BF533-STAMP
    • BF533-EZKIT
    • BF537-STAMP
    • BF548-EZKIT
    • BF561-EZKIT
  • New processor support
    • BF504/BF506
  • New board support
  • All “p” style MMR defines are removed (*pMMR = 0;) -- use bfin_{read,write}_MMR() instead
  • NAND is initialized at first use, not always during boot
  • go no longer implicitly disables caches
  • POST support is working

Build Environment

While we would love to test every environment out there that you may use, we'll document the platforms we actively develop and test on. Refer to the documentation for setting up your system.

Development is actively done with:

  • Toolchain: Blackfin Toolchain (GCC-4.3.5)
  • Build Platform: Gentoo
  • Target board: BF537-STAMP and BF548-EZKIT boards

Released u-boot tar ball posted on our website and testing are both actively done with the same software on SUSE systems, but for all supported boards.


File names generally take the form u-boot-<board>-<boot mode>-<version>.filetype.

Each board has one tarball which contains all of the release images for that board. For information on which file to use, see the binaries and boot modes pages. Additionally, a u-boot.elf and init.elf file are included to facilitate booting via JTAG.

All files are raw binary. That means you use them as is. They are most certainly not in the hex or srec format. Alternative file formats are no longer provided as part of the release. If you really need such a file, you will need to convert it yourself.

File Description
u-boot-2011.09-2011R1.tar.bz2 Source code package
u-boot-bf518f-ezbrd-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf518f-ezbrd images
u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf526-ezbrd images
u-boot-bf527-ezkit-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf527-ezkit images
u-boot-bf533-ezkit-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf533-ezkit images
u-boot-bf533-stamp-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf533-stamp images
u-boot-bf537-stamp-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf537-stamp images
u-boot-bf548-ezkit-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf548-ezkit images
u-boot-bf561-ezkit-2011R1.tar.bz2 bf561-ezkit images


GIT Changelog

  • bfin_sdh: change max mmc blkcnt support
  • NAND block size isn't set at build-time
  • Safer timestamp_autogenerated.h generation
  • version bump to u-boot-2011.09
  • switch to common display_options()
  • bf526: further restrict software reset workaround
  • serial: move early debug strings into .rodata section
  • env_flash: check for sector unaligned embedded envs
  • adi boards: also set stderr to nc with helper
  • usb: convert to partial linking
  • adi boards: disable multi serial when early serial is enabled
  • disable security warning flags when possible
  • update anomaly lists to latest public info
  • enable buffered flash writing and enable pretty flash progress output on adi boards
  • fix addr type with bfin_write_{or,and} helpers
  • portmux: allow header to be included in assembly files
  • autostart: unify duplicated logic into the bootm code
  • support building zlib dir with -O2
  • sync MMR read/write helpers with Linux
  • update POST flash block range on bf537-stamp/bf548-ezkit
  • add back post test for net serial,button,led and flash
  • cfi_flash: reverse geometry for newer STM parts
  • update debug code after multiple serial support
  • add smc911x_eeprom to clean target
  • use on-chip reset func with newer parts
  • adi boards: enable multi serial support by default
  • add multiple serial support and move debug buffers into local bss
  • drop useless ctlr field and serial_register return value in serial driver and push default_serial_console to it
  • add support for different sf flash from spansion,atmel,sst,winbond and macronix,etc
  • drop mmc: new legacy MMC/SPI driver
  • cmd_sf: use cmd_usage() in more places and drop device status message when probing
  • enable import/export env by default
  • get MAC from flash for bf518f-ezbrd and bf526-ezbrd
  • musb refine: check anomaly workarounds at runtime too and make clkin configurable
  • add bf506f-ezkit support, define its entry and use default EBIU_AMBCTL settings
  • bf506f-ezkit/bf525-ucr2/dnp5370: convert to partial linking
  • sdio is enabled multiblock SD operation.
  • mmc_spi: set speed to 400KHz for deactived 144 clock, 18 bytes, initialization
  • bf525-ucr2/dnp5370: finish CONFIG_BFIN_CPU move
  • default to L1 bank A when L1 bank B does not exist
  • drop duplicate system mmr and L1 scratch defines
  • add generic mmc spi driver
  • bfin_spi: add spi_set_speed
  • spi: add spi_set_speed func
  • lib: add crc7 from Linux
  • turn off caches when self initializing
  • drop cache tweaking when using “go”
  • only check for os log when we have external memory
  • nand delayed init: revert for now as it needs some tweaking based on upstream feedback
  • dnp5370: define LDS_BOARD_TEXT to pull in the embedded environment
  • serial: clean up muxing a bit
  • bf561-ezkit/ibf-dsp561: invert env offset/addr logic
  • bf527-sdp: update custom CFLAGS paths
  • unify bootmode based LDR_FLAGS setup
  • MAKEALL: tweak Blackfin logic after recent getopt changes upstream
  • drop CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE from boards
  • asm-offsets: generate bd_t size
  • BF50x: new processor port
  • bf537-minotaur/bf537-srv1: undefine nfs when net is disabled
  • cfi_flash: avoid flash_verbose when possible
  • cmd editing: mark erase/tab seqs constant
  • cmd_mem: localize state variables
  • load_addr: move to common env code
  • skip RAM display for 0 mem systems
  • config_cmd_defaults.h: new header for common u-boot command defaults
  • bf518f-ezbrd: don't require SPI logic all the time
  • stdio: constify “name” arg in public api
  • boot cmds: convert to getenv_yesno() with autostart
  • cmd_itest: constify & localize op table
  • autocomplete: remove runtime handler install
  • cmd_mii: localize & constify local funcs/data
  • add new board port dnp5370 and unify it with upstream tradition
  • make sure bss len is multiple of 4 bytes
  • stick ins/outs funcs into their own .text section
  • usb_storage: constify us_direction lookup table
  • bfin: set filesize limit
  • Makefile: allow boards to check file size limits
  • nand: allow demand initialization: sync upstream commits
  • env_flash: make sure gpio addressed flashes pick the right sector when saving
  • workaround anomaly 05000440
  • update anomaly lists to latest sheets
  • add ENC28J60 driver using SPI framework
  • support delayed initialization in nand driver
  • adi config: allow boards to tweak a little more
  • new board port for bf527-sdp, bf525-ucr2, BF534 targets and blackvme
  • fix MMC init output alignment
  • convert from old style MMR macros for video driver on various boards
  • cmd_elf: add an option for loading ELFs according to PHDRs
  • musb: use faddr handling merged upstream
  • usb: musb: only write CLRDATATOG when appropriate
  • setlocalversion: use style merged upstream
  • re-use board data in cpu banner
  • sync comment from upstream about video_stop here
  • bfin_spi: use same gpio cs define as Linux
  • bootelf allows for loading by section headers or program headers at runtime


Please refer to the Das U-Boot section of the Blackfin documentation wiki for more information: