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2010R1 u-boot-2010.06 Release Notes

November 23rd 2010


  • Update to upstream version 2010.06
  • New board support
    • bf527-ad7160-eval
    • bf561-acvilon
    • cm-bf537u
    • ibf-dsp561
    • ip04
    • tcm-bf518
  • GPIO/Portmux framework (like in Linux)
  • Common GPIO command for controlling GPIOs
  • Blackfin SPI now support GPIO's as SSEL's ala Linux
  • KGDB support
  • Support for parallel flashes with GPIOs as some address lines
  • Global data is passed in the P3 register (used to be P5)
  • bootelf no longer implicitly disables caches
  • Blackfin arch takes care of linker script for all boards
  • Exceptions now uses L1 scratch pad for its stack
  • JTAG console speed and reliability greatly improved
  • old style MMR defines like *pFOO are deprecated
  • POST support is broken

Build Environment

While we would love to test every environment out there that you may use, we'll document the platforms we actively develop and test on. Refer to the documentation for setting up your system.

Development is actively done with:

  • Toolchain: Blackfin Toolchain (GCC-4.3.5)
  • Build Platform: Gentoo
  • Target board: BF537-STAMP and BF548-EZKIT boards

Testing is actively done with the same software on SUSE systems, but for all supported boards.


File names generally take the form u-boot-<board>-<boot mode>-<version>.filetype.

Each board has one tarball which contains all of the release images for that board. For information on which file to use, see the binaries and boot modes pages. Additionally, a u-boot.elf and init.elf file are included to facilitate booting via JTAG.

All files are raw binary. That means you use them as is. They are most certainly not in the hex or srec format. Alternative file formats are no longer provided as part of the release. If you really need such a file, you will need to convert it yourself.

File Description
u-boot-2010.06-2010R1.tar.bz2 Source code package
u-boot-bf518f-ezbrd-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf518f-ezbrd images
u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf526-ezbrd images
u-boot-bf527-ezkit-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf527-ezkit images
u-boot-bf533-ezkit-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf533-ezkit images
u-boot-bf533-stamp-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf533-stamp images
u-boot-bf537-srv1-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf537-srv1 images
u-boot-bf537-stamp-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf537-stamp images
u-boot-bf538f-ezkit-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf538f-ezkit images
u-boot-bf548-ezkit-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf548-ezkit images
u-boot-bf561-ezkit-2010R1.tar.bz2 bf561-ezkit images
u-boot-blackstamp-2010R1.tar.bz2 BlackStamp images
u-boot-cm-bf527-2010R1.tar.bz2 cm-bf527 images
u-boot-cm-bf533-2010R1.tar.bz2 cm-bf533 images
u-boot-cm-bf537e-2010R1.tar.bz2 cm-bf537e images
u-boot-cm-bf537u-2010R1.tar.bz2 cm-bf537u images
u-boot-cm-bf548-2010R1.tar.bz2 cm-bf548 images
u-boot-cm-bf561-2010R1.tar.bz2 cm-bf561 images
u-boot-tcm-bf518-2010R1.tar.bz2 tcm-bf518 images
u-boot-tcm-bf537-2010R1.tar.bz2 tcm-bf537 images


SVN Changelog

  • Update to upstream version 2010.06
  • convert many files to conditional compile based on CONFIG_XXX to speed up builds
  • fix SIC_RVECT MMR helpers
  • unify MMR port defines (PF#) across ports in mach-common/bits/ports-*.h
  • fix i2c_read/i2c_write in Blackfin I2C driver to match common standard
  • convert Blackfin MAC driver to use common eth framework with enetaddr and environment
  • drop global bi_enetaddr board data in favor of environment
  • double default TFTP timeout for all ADI boards
  • update anomaly lists to the latest available
  • add support for printf modifiers like linux for handling IP/MAC addresses and convert all consumers to that
  • finish converting all Blackfin boards to spi flash (sf) subsystem and drop old eeprom code
  • clean up output in spi flash subsystem
  • force everyone to use a HZ of 1000
  • add support for Macronix SPI flashes
  • unify Blackfin async memory NAND driver into common nand_plat driver
  • create a GPIO CFI flash shim to allow people addressing parallel flashes with GPIOs to use common CFI code
  • make common ADI settings a lot more flexible with many defines by letting board code override without needing #undef's
  • fix printf style in Blackfin cache dump command
  • have ADI boards build all subdirs of generic code with -O2 rather than -Os (for lzma/lzo/etc… code)
  • enable LZMA support in all ADI boards
  • generalize kallsyms support so non-Blackfin systems may use it
  • speed up output from environment functions for JTAG consoles
  • drop workaround for gcc-4.1 in initcode
  • unify Blackfin linker scripts so boards need not worry about it
  • don't generate u-boot.ldr for bypass boot mode
  • bootelf no longer disables caches implicitly
  • add new flread command to make working with GPIO CFI flashes easier
  • allow tool building for Windows systems (via mingw)
  • have default parallel flash update script erase based on filesize and not hardcoded sector address
  • add ntp command to all ADI boards by default
  • change global data pointer to P3 for better gcc optimization
  • increase flash sector count for cm-bf527/cm-bf537 boards to handle newer revisions
  • initial board port for cm-bf537u
  • change Blackfin exceptions to use L1 scratch pad for stack space (to avoid CPLB misses)
  • convert all network drivers and Blackfin boards to CONFIG_NET_MULTI
  • new atmel_df_pow2 utility to convert Atmel flashes to power-of-2 mode
  • move env sector location for bf533-ezkit since the u-boot binary has gotten bigger
  • update default kernel command line settings to reflect change in linux
  • don't bother displaying MAC address anymore at boot
  • lower voltage settings for most tiny boards
  • convert spi_mmc driver to common SPI framework
  • implement timeouts in Blackfin I2C driver
  • implement bus speed handling in Blackfin I2C driver
  • enable support for silent booting for all ADI boards
  • add build shortcuts to config & compile in one make statement: `make bf537-stamp`
  • initial board port for bf561-acvilon
  • merge initdram() from board ports to common Blackfin code
  • drop LMB support for Blackfin systems since we don't use it anywhere
  • push some static size calculations from runtime code to the linker script
  • rewrite export jump table setup to fix missing entries
  • split up the Blackfin initcode into logical pieces for easier understanding
  • add support for Blackfin boards with no external memory
  • fix L1 SRAM sizes for BF52x and BF54x parts
  • convert all Blackfin code to use bfin_{read,write} MMR helpers
  • set default idle value in Blackfin SPI driver to 0xff
  • convert Blackfin SDH driver to new common framework
  • clean up CF/IDE code to avoid hacks all over the tree
  • improve compatibility with many LZMA tools which don't declare an uncompressed length in its header
  • make gzip/zlib/sha1 support optional
  • move MUSB board-specific code out of Blackfin driver and into the boards file
  • improve MUSB code for BF52x/BF54x parts
  • workaround anomaly 05000198 in Blackfin UART driver
  • add support for KGDB (debug u-boot over serial port)
  • disable hwtrace in CPLB handling code to avoid clobbering trace on a miss
  • workaround anomaly 05000257 in interrupt handlers
  • enable JFFS summary support for all ADI boards
  • initial board port for tcm-bf518
  • fix parallel build issues with dependency generation
  • drop all support for u-boot relocation processing since Blackfin has never supported this
  • make uImage's respect the entry point with XIP images
  • allow people to compile helper tools without requiring a board configuration
  • relax Blackfin data alignment to 4 bytes (it was 256 bytes)
  • integrate example board test defines we use with BF537-STAMP boards
  • force the linker to use the non-fdpic bfd target
  • workaround broken Microsoft DNS servers
  • reset the watchdog when calling udelay()
  • call watchdog_init() in the Blackfin code for external watchdog devices
  • initial board port for ip04
  • fix up issues with DM9000 network parts
  • add support for multiple buses in the Blackfin I2C driver
  • improve trace buffer output so we disable earlier and get the max useful output when something goes wrong
  • add support for bootcount to Blackfin systems
  • add support for DMA RX with the Blackfin SPI driver
  • workaround anomaly 05000219 in initcode
  • fix writing of large buffers in the Blackfin NAND driver
  • fix up issues with AX88180 network parts
  • initial board port for bf527-ad7160-eval
  • import GPIO/Portmux framework from Linux
  • convert all Blackfin boards/drivers to new GPIO/Portmux framework
  • add a simple GPIO command line helper for playing with pins
  • convert custom status LED driver to one based on common GPIO framework
  • enable access to Core B L1 regions on BF561 parts
  • add support for GPIO CS pins in the Blackfin SPI drier
  • unify default Blackfin I2C settings for ADI boards
  • fix handling of SPI0SSEL4/PH8 with BF51x systems for internal flash
  • change Blackfin MAC name to “bfin_mac” to work with the mii command and friends
  • enable IP defrag support for all ADI boards
  • add timeout handling to Blackfin SDH driver
  • rewrite soft i2c handling with GPIO framework
  • enable soft I2C read repeated start for all ADI boards as most I2C slaves need this
  • optimize command line display to improve JTAG console throughput
  • robustify JTAG console to be more tolerant of errors and recover better
  • optimize print_buffer display to improve JTAG console throughput
  • reorganize source tree greatly -- all Blackfin files now under arch/blackfin/
  • avoid NULL pointer dereference when no parallel flashes are detected
  • avoid jump-to-0 when no NAND flashes are detected and the env is based in NAND
  • always regenerate the u-boot linker script to avoid desync between config settings
  • fix default BF526-EZBRD settings when booting out of NAND
  • workaround anomaly 05000440
  • have GPIO CFI flashes select right sector before attempting to save the env


Please refer to the Das U-Boot section of the Blackfin documentation wiki for more information: