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Supported Blackfin Platforms

Here are all the platforms that are officially supported by the Blackfin port of Das U-Boot. While 3rd parties may also have their boards merged into the official release, they provide support for the boards rather than ADI.

Anything labeled with (!) means that support only exists in the latest development tree and not the last release.


Note that while not all random variants may be explicitly listed, if the base version is here, it should work fine.

  • BF504/BF506
  • BF512/BF514/BF516/BF518
  • BF522/BF523/BF524/BF525/BF526/BF527
  • BF531/BF532/BF533
  • BF534/BF536/BF537
  • BF538/BF539
  • BF542/BF544/BF547/BF548/BF549
  • BF561
  • BF609