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blackfin uboot 2012R1 for BF60x development plan

This is the development plan document for the uboot 2012R1 for Bf60x release. uboot version bumps to 2011.9


Day Event Comment
May. 1, 2011 Development starts boot up on FPGA
Sep. 1, 2011 boot up on EZKIT
Nov. 1, 2011 (-ALPHA1) release
Feb. 1, 2012 (-BETA1) release branch 2012R1-BF60x and tag -BETA1
May. 1, 2012 (-RC1) release No new features on branch and bug fixes after this point only
Jun. 1, 2012 (-RC2) release bug fixes only
Jul. 1, 2012 test done uboot release packets are open for download on the same day when blackfin-linux-dist is open.

File and Tag Prefix Name

Packet name prefix blackfin-uboot
Major version 2012R1-BF60x
Minor version RCx, BETAx (x stands for alphabit number from 1)
GIT Tag name prefix 2012R1-BF60x-RCx
GIT Branch name 2012R1

There may be further release candidates depending on the severity of the bugs found.