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Customizing U-Boot

Every board port has its own board config file, and largely all customizable settings live there. You can usually find it at include/configs/<board>.h.

Compiler related settings are placed in the board-specific which can usually be found at board/<board>/

If you make changes to these files, you should probably run make clean to make sure all changes take effect.

Configuration Documentation

Largely every option can be found in the top level README file in the U-Boot source tree. Some options might also be found in the wiki -- simply use the search option in the upper right of the website.

Blackfin Configuration Layout

Every Blackfin board port should have this at the top of its board config header:

  • #include <asm/config-pre.h> - initial helper defines for all Blackfin boards

ADI Setup

All Analog Devices boards have common settings stored in include/configs/bfin_adi_common.h. This way they do not need to copy and paste the same thing over and over. This file too is setup so you can largely override things in the board-specific config header.

Top level README

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