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Chip ID Register (CHIPID)

The Chip ID register (CHIPID) is a read-only register. The definition of this register complies with Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) standard JEP106, Standard Manufacturer’s Identification Code, as follows:

  • CHIPID[31:28]: silicon revision number
  • CHIPID[27:12]: part number
  • CHIPID[11:1]: Analog Devices, Inc., ID number 0xE5 -- drop the MSB (parity) and set MSBs to 0 (no ID extension) in accordance with the JTAG standard: 0x065.
  • CHIPID[0]: set to 1


Known Parts

The current Part Number database can be found in the jtag tools project:

file: jtag/data/analog/PARTS

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