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RapidIO Subsystem Guide


RapidIO is a high speed switched fabric interconnect with features aimed at the embedded market. RapidIO provides support for memory-mapped I/O as well as message-based transactions over the switched fabric network. RapidIO has a standardized discovery mechanism not unlike the PCI bus standard that allows simple detection of devices in a network.

This documentation is provided for developers intending to support RapidIO on new architectures, write new drivers, or to understand the subsystem internals.

Known Bugs and Limitations


None. ;)


Access/management of RapidIO memory regions is not supportedMultiple host enumeration is not supported

RapidIO driver interface

Drivers are provided a set of calls in order to interface with the subsystem to gather info on devices, request/map memory region resources, and manage mailboxes/doorbells.



This chapter contains the autogenerated documentation of the RapidIO subsystem.


Enumeration and Discovery

Driver functionality

Device model support

Sysfs support

PPC32 support


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