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User Specific Functions

This section describes the functions of that are relative to your custom user’s section.

The Admin user has the ability to turn certain tabs on or off, so some tabs may not be visible in your homepage.

User Homepage

The User home page appears after the user is logged in and/or when he clicks the My Page tab.


The User homepage contains a list of all open activities/tracker items:

  • My Assigned Items: This list shows the Tracker items assigned to you. Only items in the “open” state will be listed here. By clicking on the number of the item, you’ll go to the detail of the item. These items are ordered by priority.
  • My Submitted Items : This list shows the Tracker items that you have inserted. Only items in the “open” state will be listed here.
  • Monitored Forums : This list shows the Forums you are monitoring. See the section about Forums for more details on how monitoring works
  • Monitored File Modules : This list highlights the File Modules you are monitoring. See the section File Modules for more information on how monitoring of File Modules works
  • My Tasks : This list highlights the tasks of the Task Manager that are assigned to you. Only tasks in the “open” state will be listed here.
  • Quick Survey : This box shows the open surveys. Any open surveys will be displayed directly in the Survey box.
  • My Bookmarks : This list highlights your bookmarked pages. When you click on a bookmark, you’ll go directly to the page you bookmarked. When you click on Edit, you can edit or delete the bookmark.
  • My Projects: This list highlights the active projects that you’re participating in. When you click on a project, you’ll go directly to the project’s summary page.

Modifying User Settings

When you click on Account Maintenance on your user homepage, you get directed to a page where you can change some of the user data you previously entered. You can modify values that you entered when you registered as a user except:

  • Registration date (Member since)
  • User ID
  • Login name

User Ratings

You can be rated by other users and you can rate other users. Every time you go to the details of a user, you can rate them in a number of ways.

Ratings can be given for:

  • Teamwork/Attitude
  • Coding
  • Design/Architecture
  • Follow-Trough/Reliability
  • Leadership/Management

Skills Profile

In this section you can highlight your skills. You can set your skills profile to public, so everyone can see it, or to private, so that only you can view it.

The information that you can insert is:

  • Language
  • Level of experience (Beginner, Master, Expert)
  • Duration of experience (6 months, 1 year, 5 years)

Diary and Notes

The Diary and Notes section allows you to simulate a basic agenda. You can insert a subject and a description of the item and select if the item is public or private. If the item is public, every user of can view and monitor this item.

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