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Site-wide functions

Project Tree

The Project Tree allows users to search for projects by various categories shown under the “Browse By:” list. Selecting one of these categories displays various subdirectories to search in. Selecting a subdirectory will take the user to even more subdirectories until the user finds what they desire.


Snippet Library

The Snippet Library function of is very interesting; it enables the collection of all types of information/knowledge which is not a complete piece of code and which has historically been difficult to organize and share.

Typical examples are sophisticated shell commands, javascript functions, perl one-liners, SQL expressions that perform special queries, an algorithm, etc.

Inserting a new snippet

You can insert a new Snippet by clicking on the “Submit a New Snippet” link.

A form appears where the following information can be inserted:

  • Title: Insert the title of the snippet. This will be displayed in the list of the snippets.
  • Description: Insert the description of the snippet.
  • Type: Select the type of the snippet: function, full script, HOWTO, class, README
  • License: The license that the snippet is under.
  • Language: Select the language of the snippet.
  • Category: Choose the category of the snippet: UNIX Admin, Games, Math Functions, etc.
  • Version: Insert the version number of the snippet. For a new snippet, enter “1.0”.
  • Code: Paste the code of the snippet in this field.

Browsing snippets

You can browse snippets by clicking the “Browse” link.

You can browse snippets by Language or by Category. The resulting table shows the list of all snippets associated with the selected Language/Category. You can click on the snippet number to view the detail of the snippet.

Modifying a snippet

You cannot modify an existing snippet, but you can add a new version of the snippet by clicking on the Submit a new version link on the bottom part of the detail page for the snippet.

Adding a new version does not delete the old version; all previous versions will continue to be available.

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