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Project Release Sign Off Sheet

This sheet lists all files that need to be uploaded to the release page of each project. It also includes descriptions about file type and file contents. The files on the release page is checked according to this sheet before final release of each project.

Release notes

  1. List other component versions used / tested
  2. List file names
  3. Test results summary
  4. List Known issues/bugs
  5. Installation instructions
  6. Should be in PDF format
  7. Text version is checked back in to CVS
  8. Pointer to the Wiki for FAQs

Prebuilt Binary

  1. Built against tag considered final release
  2. For uboot and kernel: gzip
  3. For toolchain: gzip and rpm


  • Zipped source from tag considered final release


  1. Test Plan
  2. Detail Test Results
  3. Any other source / images that will help end user

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