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Digital Picture Frame

Many want to transfer photos directly from digital cameras and play them back in a slideshow on a LCD. Digital Picture Frames gives digital photographers an easy solution to showcase their photos, without the need for a PC or printer. Now there is a way to display photos instantly without the use of PCs, subscriptions, memory cards, paper, or ink. Just connect and view! The USB system allows you to quickly transfer photos directly from your digital camera and play them back in a slideshow in your home or office.

This can be demonstrated with a BF537-STAMP, TFT LCD Card, and the USB Card.

To do this, you will need a tftp server, since the image will not fit into 3 Meg, and the USB card consumes 1 bank of Async Memory.

Steps to create this application:

  1. download the uImage to where you have set up the tftpserver.
  2. download and boot the uImage.
  3. install the lcd module.
  4. plug in and mount the usb memory stick or camera. Note all cameras or memory sticks will work.
  5. display the image on the lcd:
    root:/mnt:> jpgview -s5 *.jpg

    This will wait 5 seconds between images.

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