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Main System Applications

When compiling the uClinux kernel, system applications are chosen in the Application Configuration window.

Customize Vendor/User Settings must have been previously selected in the target platform selection window in order for the application configuration window to be displayed.

In the application configuration window selecting a category will bring up a list of application programs available under that category. Selecting Help next to the program will bring up a short description of the program's functionality.

The program BusyBox is of particular interest. It combines several common utilities into one small program. It provides a minimalist replacement for most utilities usually found in fileutils, shellutils, findutils, textutils, grep, gzip, tar, etc. To add BusyBox utilities simply select them from the BusyBox dialog. Each selected utility's name will be linked to BusyBox when uClinux is compiled.

Some programs are experimental and may not compile or produce stable results.

After the desired applications have been selected click the Save and Exit button. The current application configuration can also be stored to a file for future loading from this window.

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