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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a general collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about Blackfin Linux. Some of the questions even have answers - to find them, click the question (like most of the side, you must have javascript enabled).

Some topics have so many FAQs, a page was created specifically for them!

General Questions

Why do I want to use Linux?

What is the difference between uClinux and Linux?

Is it more difficult to debug uClinux applications than Linux applications?

Is Linux more stable than uCLinux?

How difficult is it to port a Linux application to uCLinux?

Which Toolchain should I use?

What is the licensing model for Linux? Where can I find more information on GPL and LGPL?

Which release shall I use? Live source or release?

Is there a feature list?

Why isn't silicon revision XXX supported?

I have found a bug, where to report it?

Why do I need to use the same version of toolchain/kernel/uClibc/U-boot/uClinux-dist?

I want to learn more about Linux development. Can you recommend a good resource?

What is the typical Blackfin power consumption and what can I do to improve it?

What is the system boot time and what can I do to improve it?

What is the typical Blackfin Linux Flash Memory footprint what can I do to improve it?

Is cygwin supported?

Common Build Errors

Busybox build fails with ''mixed implicit and normal rules''

I get errors about linux/mtd/ftl.h, flash_eraseall.c, or ftl_format.c

Can I build the uClinux-dist on a 2.4 host

My host is running Linux 2.6, why I still cannot build the uClinux-dist

While building, make aborts with "expand.c:489: allocated_variable_append: Assertion ... failed."

Building the kernel in the uClinux dist fails with "No rule to make target `drivers/base/bfXXX', needed by `drivers/base/cpu.o'"

While building the uImage, genext2fs segfaults!

I get errors about "no free space" when generating EXT2 images

My uImage is too large to burn in my flash

I get "BINFMT_FLAT: bad flat file version 0x5" errors

I get errors about "BINFMT_FLAT: bad header magic" or "Applet not found"

I get "bfin-uclinux-mkimage: command not found" errors

How do I enable Large File Support in uClibc / Toolchain

When I nfs mount the root file system, some directories look they are missing

Building packages fails with stdarg.h missing!

Running config.sub results in "machine `bfin' not recognized"

Building GCC 4.3 fails!

Common Questions about Kernel Settings

Some device nodes in /dev seem to be missing!

How do I access the Power Management features of the Blackfin?

How do I change the network settings for the Blackfin?

How do I allow more telnet sessions into the Blackfin? (error: All network ports in use)

What does a normal Boot Look like?

How do I port applications to Blackfin Linux?

How to config user login?

Problems installing modules?

I get a "not found" error

I get a "init: /bin/syslogd respawning too fast" error

How do I change the clocks?

Blackfin board only shows ~60meg free with 128meg (Anomaly 05000263)

How do I access system registers from user space?

Why is the blackfin serial port named ttyBF0? Shouldn't it be named ttyS0?

How do I specify custom/high baud rates with the standard UART driver?

How do I tell the kernel not to print things out the UART?

PPI Underrun Overflow Errors?

Can bfin_ppi simple PPI driver do continuous data input or output?

I get "Read-only file system" errors

Why is the kernel start address in the middle of the kernel memory space?

Booting the kernel fails with "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)"

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