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This page guides through the kernel configuration process to enable support for a ANYCOM Blue CF-300 Bluetooth CompactFlash card.

This driver is targeted to be used with the cf-ide-nand

Enabling Kernel PCMCIA Support

  • During kernel Configuration Enable
    Bus options (PCI, PCMCIA, EISA, MCA, ISA)  --->
       PCCARD (PCMCIA/CardBus) support  --->

<*> PCCard (PCMCIA/CardBus) support
[ ]   Enable PCCARD debugging
<*>   16-bit PCMCIA support
[*]     Load CIS updates from userspace (EXPERIMENTAL)
[*]     PCMCIA control ioctl (obsolete)
---   PC-card bridges
<*>   Blackfin CompactFlash PCMCIA Driver
  • External Bus Interface Unit EBIU Configuration

Enable maximum wait states (0xFFC3) for the memory bank the interface is connected to (/AMS3).

  • Adjusting System Clock Speed

Depending on the inserted cards, System Clock SCLK must not exceed maximum timing requirements.

For more information follow the link here bfin_cf_pcmcia

Bluetooth Support

Enable Bluetooth Support and Bluecard PC Card HCI driver

[*] Networking support
      Networking options  --->
[ ]   Amateur Radio support  --->
< >   IrDA (infrared) subsystem support  --->
<*>   Bluetooth subsystem support  --->
< >   Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack

--- Bluetooth subsystem support
<*>   L2CAP protocol support
<*>   SCO links support
<*>   RFCOMM protocol support
[*]     RFCOMM TTY support
<*>   BNEP protocol support
[*]     Multicast filter support
[*]     Protocol filter support
<*>   HIDP protocol support
      Bluetooth device drivers  --->

< > HCI UART driver (NEW)                     
< > HCI DTL1 (PC Card) driver (NEW)           
< > HCI BT3C (PC Card) driver (NEW)           
<*> HCI BlueCard (PC Card) driver             
< > HCI UART (PC Card) device driver (NEW)    
< > HCI VHCI (Virtual HCI device) driver (NEW)

Testing the Bluetooth PC Card

Bring up the interface:

root:/utils/exec/sbin> ./hciconfig hci0 up
root:/utils/exec/sbin> ./hciconfig
hci0:   Type: PCCARD
        BD Address: 00:0C:78:50:50:4F ACL MTU: 339:4 SCO MTU: 60:9
        RX bytes:79 acl:0 sco:0 events:8 errors:0
        TX bytes:39 acl:0 sco:0 commands:8 errors:0


Show HCI devices

root:/utils/exec/bin> ./hcitool -i hci0 dev
        hci0     00:0C:78:50:50:4F 

Scan for Bluetooth devices in the area

root:/utils/exec/bin> ./hcitool inq
Inquiring ...
        00:16:41:9D:D1:A9       clock offset: 0x5d6d    class: 0x1c010c
root:/utils/exec/bin> ./hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:16:41:9D:D1:A9       MHENNER-L02

Ping a device:

root:/utils/exec/bin> ./l2ping -i hci0 -f 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9
Ping: 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 from 00:0C:78:50:50:4F (data size 44) ...
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 0 time 71.61ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 1 time 24.49ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 2 time 24.52ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 3 time 24.51ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 4 time 24.39ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 5 time 24.51ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 6 time 24.52ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 7 time 24.51ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 8 time 24.42ms
44 bytes from 00:16:41:9D:D1:A9 id 9 time 24.51ms
10 sent, 10 received, 0% loss

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