Brief introduction This is a MCAPI dual core communication demo case for bf609. With the help of MCAPI, we can run general task on coreA with Linux, and run other CPU consuming tasks on coreB bear_metal environment. In this demo, coreA open a bmp file, which is captured from the USB (Universal Serial Bus) camera, pass it to coreB to decode into jpeg. Once the encoding work is done, coreA get notified and continue to save it as a jpeg file. This feature is available since 2013 release. Test method First configure the kernel and buildroot distribution as other general MCAPI test case, as described in, configure to enable the USB (Universal Serial Bus) camera following, and select to enable the ffmpeg. load icc server to slave core root:/> cd bin root:/bin> icc_loader -l icc load coreB jpeg encoding program root:/bin> icc_loader -e cjpeg run test app on linux side to communicate with coreb via ICC protocol root:/bin> bmp2jpg When the above is done, you should have a test.jpg file created in /bin of your target board.