Introduction This document is intended to be a guide for using and administrating projects on It is not intended to describe how to administer the site itself. It is assumed that the reader will have access to a standard web browser like Netscape, Explorer, Galeon, or Konqueror before reading this document. This web site is designed to be the central repository and open source workspace for non-commercial software and hardware projects targeted for use with Analog Devices’ family of Blackfin processors. In addition to a wide range of applications, this workspace also focuses on supporting open source hardware and software tools for the Blackfin processor, and supports Open Source hardware and software tools, including the GNU (GNU's Not Unix) GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) toolchain and the uClinux kernel. The site is based on an open source project known as GForge. This documentation is based on the GForge documentation, if you like things thank Tom Copeland. If you don’t like things, blame Robin Getz, who made some modifications. If you have comments about this document, please send them to For more information on specific topics for the website please see: A Basic Introduction Getting Started User Specific Functions Project Specific Functions Site Wide Functions Administering a Project