SPI Flash Add-On Card STAMP SPI Flash Card v0.2 Schematics can be found here Related Information: Serial Flash in U-Boot mtd This multi device card allows selection of up to four different SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Flash devices. JP1 is used to connect Blackfin SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Slave Select 1 to one of the devices, populated. By default: IC , Part Number , Footprint , Comment , Linux Driver 1 , AT25DF041A , SO-8 , 4-Megabit , CONFIG_MTD_M25P80 2 , AT25DF641 , SO-16 Wide , 64-Megabit , CONFIG_MTD_M25P80 3 , AT45DF321D , SO-8 Wide (DataFlash Pinout) , 32-Megabit, DataFlash, Binary Page Size , CONFIG_MTD_DATAFLASH 4 , , SO-8 , , Linux Kernel Configuration Enable SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Bus driver support --- SPI support --- SPI Master Controller Drivers <*> SPI controller driver for ADI Blackfin5xx < > Bitbanging SPI master --- SPI Protocol Masters < > SPI EEPROMs from most vendors Under 'Self-contained MTD device drivers' select 'Support for AT45xxx DataFlash' if you device is a DataFlash otherwise use the generic driver below. --- Memory Technology Device (MTD) support [ ] Debugging < > MTD concatenating support [*] MTD partitioning support < > RedBoot partition table parsing [*] Command line partition table parsing --- User Modules And Translation Layers Direct char device access to MTD devices --- Common interface to block layer for MTD 'translation layers' <*> Caching block device access to MTD devices < > FTL (Flash Translation Layer) support < > NFTL (NAND Flash Translation Layer) support < > INFTL (Inverse NAND Flash Translation Layer) support < > Resident Flash Disk (Flash Translation Layer) support < > NAND SSFDC (SmartMedia) read only translation layer < > Log panic/oops to an MTD buffer RAM/ROM/Flash chip drivers ---> Mapping drivers for chip access ---> Self-contained MTD device drivers ---> < > Support for AT45xxx DataFlash <*> Support most SPI Flash chips (AT26DF, M25P, W25X, ...) [*] Use FAST_READ OPCode allowing SPI CLK <= 50MHz (NEW) If your device supports the FAST_READ Command additionally select the config option below Example Platfrom / Board file These snippets are all from the same file. arch/blackfin/mach-bf537/boards/stamp.c: Struct bfin5xx_spi_chip for AT45XXX DataFlash Devices: Struct bfin5xx_spi_chip for most common SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Flash Devices: SPI flash devices supported by the Generic m25p80 driver