FPGA EZ-Kit for the BF537 Stamp This is a project in an early stage. Full verification of the usage of the FPGA daughter card has not yet been verified. Currently, when the FPGA daughter card is plugged into the BF537-STAMP, ethernet connectivity fails Description The FPGA EZ-Kit is a daughter card originally designed for the Blackfin EZ-Kit daughter cards and VisualDSP, but a project is underway to enable it usage on the Blackfin stamp boards, specifically the BF537-STAMP. Once this project is successful, it will allow quick prototyping of hardware designs interacting with a blackfin processor. The daughter card contains a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA(XC3S1000 FG456), 2MB SRAM (synchronous random access memory (L1 memory)), 25 MHz (Megahertz) oscillator, 2 push-buttons, 8 LED's, and a small breadboard area. The FPGA daughter card connects through the U-connector(not included) on the bottom of the STAMP boards. FPGA EZ-Kit schematics Available here Ordering Information FPGA EZ-Kit from Analog Devices FPGA Development Xilinx provides a full FPGA development environment for free, called WEBpack ISE 8.2i available here. It is available for Windows and Redhat Enterprise 3 and 4. Since uClinux software development is most likely done on a linux host, that is also ideally where the FPGA development will be done as well. Since paying for a linux distro(redhat enterprise) is for suckers, this project will attempt to use the WEBpack software on a Debian distribution. A quickstart tutorial on FPGA development using Xilinx tools can be found here. It is very well written, easy to follow, and short. The output of this tutorial will be the first image that will be tested on the FPGA daughter card. Modifications to the tutorial for the FPGA-EZ kit daughter card Page , Difference PG 9 , When specifing the device for the new project, select Device: XC3S1000 and Package: FG456 PG 25 , The pinouts for the CLOCK, COUNT_OUT[3:0], and DIRECTION are incorrect for the FPGA EZ-Kit. See the table below for a correct pinout assignment ISE Tutuorial pinout assignments Signal , name on FPGA schematic , name on Blackfin BF537 schematic , Pin on FPGA CLOCK , L32P/GCLK0 , n/a , AB12 COUT0 , B2_L23N_F19_j2_47 , PG8 , U21 COUT1 , B2_L21N_E21_j2_49 , PG10, V22 COUT2 , B2_L20N_E19_j2_51 , PG12 , V19 COUT3 , B2_L19N_E18_j2_53 , PG14 , W21 DIRECTION , B2_L17N_D21_j2_55 , PF14 , V19 Debian Quirks PACE, the pinout assignment tool, will not run with a standard Debian Etch distro. If PACE $XILINX_HOME/bin/lin/pace is launched by itself, an error “could not find libXm.so.3.0.2” will occur. You need to download the libmotif3 library using apt or synaptic. Unfortunately, this is a non-free library, so you may have to change your /etc/apt/sources.list by adding the following line: deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ unstable non-free Ubuntu users - More Ubuntu setup problems can be solved by following instructions atXilinx Ubuntu Setup. You may also need to add multiverse to your sources.list. Seethe ubuntu repositoriesfor more information You may also get an error, “Could not open display” when trying to launch PACE by itself. Remedy with the following on the command line: export DISPLAY=:0 The xilinx tool may start giving bizarre errors after every few steps of the tutorial. Restarting the development environment, $XILINX_HOME/bin/lin/ise, often solved this. Hopefully this problem goes away. Standalone Programming The easiest way to get started with FPGA board is to program it standalone using the JTAG (Joint Test Action Group - low level interface to cpu) interface. It can be programmed with a parallel port jtagblue cable and XC3sprog software. To use XC3Sprog, add the following lines to devlist.txt in the XC3S source distribution. This will let it properly detect the JTAG (Joint Test Action Group - low level interface to cpu) chain that is present on the FPGA EZ-Kit board. 11428093 6 XC3S1000 05045093 8 XCF02S A hello-world project can be found under this Discussion Topic. It contains the verilog source and a .bit file that you can download to the FPGA board and to the FPGA PROM. Pressing down on the each of the push-buttons lights up an LED on the board. TODO list Create linux driver to push an FPGA image to the daughter card Important Links Spartan-3 XC3S1000 datasheet Xilinx Software Manuals Project maintainer: michrower [Jason Holden]