BF609 Ez-board expansion adaptor board Description BF609 EZ-board is a compact board with tiny connectors on it for expansion interface. Adaptor board described in this document is a bridge between the tiny expansion interface on 609 EZ-board and the add on extend boards like audio, camera, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) flash etc designed for formerly BF5xx board. This enables these add on cards immediately available on the new 609 EZ-board. This board is an open source project. The schematics and the Gerber file are open to download, revise and manufacture, butADI (Analog Devices, Inc.)does not sell this board directly. Interface covered 1)SPORT (synchronous high speed serial port): BF609 use two single direction sports, one for TX another for RX, this is different from the BF5xx series, details in HRM ((Blackfin) Hardware Reference Manual) of 609. 2)PPI (Parallel Peripheral Interface) To enhance the signal quality a bi-direction bus buffer is introduced in, need to switch SW1 to different position for input and output. 3) TWI (Two Wire Interface (I2C-compatible)) TWI (Two Wire Interface (I2C-compatible)) port. GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) timer output PINs are also available on this interface. 4)IRDA IRDA and RS232 (RETMA Standard for serial binary data communication (commonly a serial port)) shares the same signal source, can be separated on and off by SW8. Signal source is from UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) or UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) over SPORT (synchronous high speed serial port) selected by SW5 and SW10 5)SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) over SPORT (synchronous high speed serial port) SPORT (synchronous high speed serial port) signal to simulate the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) 6)SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) 7)RS-232 UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) Switch description SW1: For camera: 1 ON 2 OFF For display: 1 OFF 2 ON SW5 and SW10: SW5 3 4 ON and SW10 2 3 OFF to choose UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) for RS-232 and IRDA SW5 3 4 OFF and SW10 2 3 ON to choose SPORT (synchronous high speed serial port) for RS-232 and IRDA SW8: Selection switch between RS232 (RETMA Standard for serial binary data communication (commonly a serial port)) and IRDA AD1836 test: J3 SPORT (synchronous high speed serial port) pin 1 connect to pin 2, pin 5 RESET connect to EI3 pin 57 RESET_OUT. SW5 1 ON. More details on schematics tips 1, Only apply to connector P1A on 609 board 2, use bolt to fasten the 609 and add on daughter card Photos when connecting to BF609 Ez-board Schematics and Gerber Review the schematics and Gerber files for manufacturing here: