Blackfin Boards Analog Devices These boards are produced by Analog Devices and are generally well supported. In the case where both a Stamp and an EZKit exist for the same processor, the Stamp version is highly recommended over the EZKit. BF518F-EZBrd BF526-EZBrd BF526-EZKit BF527-EZKit BF533-Stamp BF533-EZKit BF537-Stamp BF537-EZKit BF538F-EZKit BF548-EZKit BF561-EZKit BF609-EZKit Bluetechnix The Bluetechnix guys put together a suite of Tinyboards which are generally well supported as well. CM-BF518 CM-BF527 CM-BF533 CM-BF537E CM-BF537U TCM-BF537 CM-BF548 CM-BF561 They can be combined with a variety of Evaluation boards and Extension boards. CJSC NII STT This Blackfin module is produced by CJSC NII STT Acvilon BF561 System On Module