Das U-Boot Bootloader Das U-Boot (or just “U-Boot” for short) is an Open Source Firmware project for PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, x86 and Blackfin processors (to name a few!). The main U-Boot project is hosted on denx's website. The source and documentation on our site is specific to the Blackfin processor. We try to keep things up to date, and periodically submit patches back to the mainline project. If you have questions about the Blackfin port of U-Boot, you can ask on our U-Boot forums. Make sure you use the source code from the Blackfin U-Boot project rather than from upstream. Basics For some basics about U-Boot, please check: Features Overview Supported Platforms and Processors Supported Booting Methods Bootable U-Boot Images Frequently Asked Questions Building and Loading U-Boot Loading U-Boot - for when your board is bricked or lacks U-Boot Upgrading U-Boot - for when you already have U-Boot on your board Compiling U-Boot - building U-Boot all by yourself! Customizing U-Boot - add/remove U-Boot features Porting U-Boot - port U-Boot to a new Blackfin board U-Boot Memory Layout - how U-Boot utilizes memory Debugging U-Boot - debug U-Boot problems U-Boot Environment - dynamic settings via environmental variables Power On Self Tests (POST) - adding self tests to U-Boot Networking DHCP - obtaining network information automatically Network Configuration - setting network information manually Network Console Loading Files via Ethernet and TFTP via the Serial Port Parallel NOR Flash Serial NOR Flash NAND Flash CF Flash Cards Using MMC/SDIO Cards Using USB Mass Storage Class (Memory sticks and hard drives) Working Directly With Busses GPIO I2C MII (Media Independent Interface connecting Ethernet MACs and PHYs) SPI Development Plan Development Plan Release Testing Release Notes Release Creation Maintaining the Blackfin Das U-Boot port